Rugby World Cup Records

Friday, September 20, the ninth Rugby World Cup begins in Japan. Twenty teams and their players will compete for the Webb Ellis Cup and try to earn their place in the history of the competition. Here are the world records.

collective records

Most surnames: 3, New Zealand

New Zealand is the country that has been the world champion most of the time, with three titles. Followed by Australia and South Africa (2 titles), then England (1 title).

Biggest win percentage: 88%, New Zealand.

New Zealanders have the highest win percentage of all World Cups, with 88% success (44 of the 50 matches played). France ranks fifth with 68.7% of winning matches (31 out of 48).

Most attempts scored: 311, New Zealand.

The All Blacks hold the record for the number of attempts scored in all editions, with a score of 311. At the back, Australia (209) follows, then France (171).

Most points scored: 2302, New Zealand.

Logically, New Zealand is considered to have the most points in the World Cup with 2302 points. France is in third place with 1487 points.

The largest difference in points in a match: 142, in Australia – Namibia.

In the 2003 edition, the Australians made a short run with the Namibians, sweeping them 142 – 0. This match also saw the most attempts ever by a team in a single match, with 22 Australian goals.

Most points scored in the match: 145, in New Zealand – Japan.

If the All Blacks do not hold the record for the largest gap in the World Cup, they will have the most points scored in any meeting, thanks to their prolific victory over Japan, 145-17, in 1995.

individual records

Most matches played: 22 games, Jason Leonard.

The English column played 22 matches in the World Cup, in four matches.

Most points scored: 277, Johnny Wilkinson.

The English opener participated in four World Cups and scored 277 points during his various campaigns (1 attempt, 58 penalties, 28 transfers, 14 points). The first French Frederic Michalak is in eighth place with 136 points in three competitions.

Most attempts scored: 15, Jona Lomo and Brian Habana.

Two rugby stars, two standout players, each with their own profile. New Zealander Jonah Lomu’s strength and South African speed Brian Habana enabled them to score 15 attempts (in two for Lomu, in three for Habana). On the French side, Vincent Clerc is the top scorer in the World Cup with 11 goals in two editions.

Most attempts were recorded in one version: 8, Jona Lomo, Brian Habana and Julian Savia.

Wingers Jona Lomo and Brian Habana, who already share the record for the number of attempts scored on all editions, saw in 2015 New Zealander Julian Savia join them in the ranks of the top scorers in attempts. He crossed the line eight times, such as Lomo in 1999 and Habana in 2007. Note that Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Lafond and Vincent Clerc have scored 6 points, respectively in 1991 and 2011.

Most points scored in one copy: 126, Grant Fox.

New Zealand’s legendary inaugural Grant Fox capitalized on the inaugural Rugby World Cup and the All Blacks’ victory to score 126 points during the competition. A record no player has been able to beat since. France’s closest, Thierry Lacroix, scored 112 points in 1995.

Most attempts scored in a match: 6, Mark Ellis.

The New Zealand winger distinguished himself during his team’s huge victory over Japan (145-17) in 1995, scoring six attempts during the match.

Most points scored in a match: 45, Simon Cohen.

Often overshadowed by New Zealand’s fly-half, Andrew Mehrtens made use of one of his rare starts to set the points record in a match, with 45 units against Japan, in 1995 (attempt, twenty turns).

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