Russell Westbrook’s wife dumped her bag on top of a famous journalist

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar Russell Westbrook's wife Nina slams a reporter for harsh criticism of Brody

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Often, they tread cautiously when their husbands get hit on the floor, while NBA players’ wives want to be more chatty when the latter is in trouble. The proof is Russell Westbrook’s fiancée Nina, and her recent fiery tirade about Skip Bayless!

After years of league service, many have managed to forge a hard shell that shields their private lives from the blame they receive on a professional level. Sometimes, however, relatives of NBA players can be affected in the same way, or more, in the face of criticism.if Russell Westbrookhis family must have faced continuous attacks in recent months, for example!

Nina Westbrook publicly remodels Skip Bayless

Reporters haven’t been kind to Westbrook since joining the Lakers, and for good reason. Brodie was rather disappointing in purple and gold colors, so it was often torn down in the US media. Skip Bayless, he was always in his sight, who risked their lives for thishowever, the star leader’s wife Nina posted on the web that she didn’t appreciate the analyst’s gesture towards her!

I just found out that @skipbayless blocked me on Twitter…like I’m the one who keeps disrespecting him and keeps saying his name.

Mr Bayless. I am a real person. If you are able to use your platform to belittle my husband and keep pushing him down, then at least act like an adult and face the consequences of your actions. Don’t try to erase me from your reality and make you feel better about your choices.

I am still here. There is no need to stop me. As long as it is respectful, I have no reason to respond to you or remind you of your unconscious choices.

Just do better.

It’s not the first time Russ’s wife has tried to publicly reinvent her image as a journalist, and she’s a bit too vicious for her husband’s taste.Last year, when her man was still playing with the Wizards, like Slamming Stephen A. Smith’s 2017 MVP review. So Skip Bayless made himself his last victim, and if he didn’t want to deal with her anymore, he would have to quickly unblock her!

Skip Bayless Banned From Twitter For No Reason, Nina Westbrook Strikes Back, Blatantly Ruining Famous Analyst fox sports on Instagram. All that’s left is to wait for the latter’s reaction, which is definitely worth the detour!

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