‘Russian army is equivalent to Lakers’

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been in the headlines for ten days from now on, This should continue for a while. And because we can obviously laugh at everything, a legendary American show decided to compare the Lakers to Vladimir Putin’s army…

Every time the Lakers win a big game, all observers wonder if their season is finally officially on… It’s the Jazz who beat Rudy Gobert in their last meeting before All-Star Weekend After the situation, today is also the following LeBron James protests against Warriors.

This Saturday, the king is completely destroyed Stephen Curry and his teammates by planting 56 points in a prestigious victory, suddenly hope seems to be back in California. Especially since Russell Westbrook is pretty good too, even forced Magic Johnson to turn his back on him !

Lakers humiliated on legendary SNL show

But despite this slight improvement, the Purple and Gold remain an ideal taunt target given their mediocre record.Like this Saturday, on the Legends show saturday night live, Frank Vogel’s men were likened to the Russian army by one of the show’s stars! They won’t like it, but you have to admit that the joke is particularly effective.

Military operations experts were surprised to find that despite a larger strike force, the Russian military’s advance had slowed due to aging equipment, power problems and a severe lack of leadership. Simply put, it’s the equivalent of the Lakers.

If the Lakers probably won’t appreciate the joke that the Russian military hasn’t had good press coverage since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, it must be admitted that the comparison is rather subtle and clever. The Purple and Gold also had ambitions early in the season, but that was replaced by their age and a lack of urgency from certain veterans. The difference is that when the Lakers problems drive fans crazy, everyone is happy to see the Russian military in trouble.

Russian army is Ageing And work hard to achieve your goals, just like the Lakers have done this season. The only difference is that LeBron James and his teammates aren’t gambling the lives of millions of civilians…

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