Sainte-Pazanne: Handball player to new epic in Coupe de France?

HBAC Senior A plays at two tables at the same time, the Championship and the French Cup.
The senior men of Sainte-Pazanne will struggle to reach the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France. © Le Courrier du Pays de Retz

“The main goal is the championship. Right in his presidential attire, Didier Guy Play a classic card: French Cupwhich is a bonus, it was never a priority.

However, this Sunday handball player from HBAC Saint Paschamp will play their qualifications in the quarter-finals of the competition, valveby playing two matches on the same day: handball in the sixteenth round (2pm) against Brittany and, if successful, against Pampol or Chateaux in the eighth round (5pm).

According to Didier Gouy, an important meeting is approaching “humbly” but with a firm intention to make the leap. “Two out of sixteen is a seesaw: from there, anything is possible”, assures captain Nicolas Perruchas (33) in the central role.

“Strong Memories”

Background: In handball, the Coupe de France is played by level. The competition that Sainte-Pazanne is involved in brings together all the French clubs, the rest of the time in the divisional championship.

Some examples of teams still playing: HB Eulalien (Dordogne), Reims Sainte-Anne (Marne) or Wingen-sur-Moder (Alsace). Finally: a chance to play the final at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy.

Playing in a place like this seems surreal for our little country club.

Didier Guy

Despite all possible exploits, the president knows it. The last survivors of the Loire-Atlantique, the predecessors of Sainte-Pazanne, the dolphins of their second territory of the hen, have enjoyed the rich history of the Coupe de France. They have had two epic matches over the past decade, all the way to the semi-finals.

Captain Nicolas Peruchas is in each of them, as is his current six teammates. “These are strong, very strong memories, living with a group of friends,” he reveals, a little nostalgic.

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These courses come up so often in discussions that it inevitably makes you want to taste them again.

Didier Guy

Alchemy between generations

Ambition to travel long distances in the cup gradually formed in the game, after “in the mind” of the first round crossed against Orvault (30-27), a very solid opponent, “it gave the momentum”, rewinding Nicolas Pei ruchas.

In this quest, club members stick to an important point: intergenerational chemistry.

This year, many young people came to expand the senior group. Once they’re under 19, we try to integrate them, especially in training: we’re reaping the benefits today.

Didier Mayraud, Coach

“I never knew, continued Nicolas Perruchas. Young people bring us speed, stamina and energy. On our side, we bring more experience. We know the French Cup game: more pressure, more people , the atmosphere is more intense. This is another atmosphere. »


There’s no question that the “old” veterans are better than anyone at mastering the weapons that persist in the game.

In addition, there is also hope to remove the frustration of the last pitch where the clubs have failed on the doorstep of the final.

Some players may want to rediscover those feelings, have a great adventure, go the extra mile, and have no regrets before hanging up.

Didier Guy

Will retirement be close for Nicolas Peruchas? “He has to lead the youth to the regional championships first,” retorted Didier Merlaud, whose president gave him an immediate workout.

The relevant person responded: “Not yet, there are still many things to do.”

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