Saran Loiret handball derby night on the way to Chartres

Saran Loiret Handball will be held in Chartres on Friday 18th February (8pm), representing day 17 of the Starligue Championship. A short trip to Eure-et-Loir, it is advisable not to return empty handed, in order to maintain it.

The Sevens will play their sixth game today since the start of the month and will have no regrets about any major injuries. Physically, “we hold on,” coach Fabien Courtial points out. The head needs more care and attention as last week’s loss to Cesson-Rennes left its mark…

The Saranaes led 18-13 from the 46th minute of the game before collapsing.

Saran HB, the band in Chartres tonight
Goalkeepers: 1. Gauthier, 14. Tepper. Outfield players: 2 Sevaljevic, 3 Blanco, 6 Deumar, 10 Fade Schuler, 11 Robbins, 18 Mooney Oscar Besson, 20 Cuaron, 23 Mosindi, 33 Simo Vicky, 57 Topps, 61 Taofeng De, 64 Lamond, 68. Ayman, 77. Bin Laden.
Not selected: Yamdjeu.
Coach: Fabien Courtier.

“We must reach Optimize bullets, don’t give your opponent too many cartridges and ammo”, summed up Fabien Courtial. That’s the crux of the matter, because results aside, in one of the most competitive tournaments in the world, the Saranaes showed interesting things in their final match.

“There will be something to do”

The defensive base provides insurance around the two cornerstones of the central axis, Nebojsa Simovic and Johann Caron. Good spirits despite being second to last in the standings. Attacks that remain must not only be based on games drawn by internal departments…

As for individuals, in the backcourt, Matteo Fadeschule has taken center stage, while Daniel Mocindi has his arms well over the bench in his duels and interval shots.

However, nothing was easy at Halle Jean-Cochet tonight. Chartrains are pretty much upkeep if Creteil beats the Septors in a week.

tonight they will Deprived of the services of Morten Vium Troelsen (right wing), fell victim to health problems. Sergey Kudinov (foot) and Mark Canelas (adductor), the two centre-backs, were also declared absent. “Chartres is roughly on the same level as Cesson-Rennes. There’s going to be something to do there,” Fabien Courtial said. “We’re going to play.” Until the final whistle, that would be ideal…

Quentin Eymann, Saran Loiret Handball right back

Quentin Eyman

“We didn’t win…so, morally speaking, it’s a bit complicated at the moment. We’re going to try to hold our heads up against Chartres. We know it’s an important meeting. That’s it…all the way from the championship, we tell ourselves that , we are not far from other teams, we have the ability to keep ourselves, but we get nervous when we are weak… We know that games in Easter, like Dunkirk and Nancy at home, we’re going to have to win them because we don’t have options anymore. If we want to stay, we’re going to have to go through it. And, why not put on a big show, both at home and away, like in San Rafael. You have to convince yourself that you can win every time“.

Laurent Cusimo


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