Shameful dangerous fault, Donovan Mitchell furious!

Last night’s college tournament was entitled to a highly controversial sequence, fouling Duke-Clemson. Enough to make Donovan Mitchell jump out of his seat, he was severely swooned on Twitter. Perpetrators could be severely punished…

Mike Krzyzewski’s men aren’t in the mood to party after the meeting if Duke wins by a wide margin against Clemson (82-64). Indeed, they had to witness a rather horrific scene that included their teammate Wendell Moore Jr. The young athlete was hacked down in the open by his opponents as he fought back minutes after half-time. David Collins, fell hard to the ground. Unsurprisingly, it was Blatant 2 who was whistled by the latter, who was immediately fired:

Huge foul in Duke-Clemson NCAA game

Fortunately, Moore recovered without seeming to have any sequelae. However, the sequence logically caused a scandal for observers, not just in the NCAA. Among professionals, we are also surprised by this unforgivable mistake. Donovan Mitchell, who saw his former teammate Joe Ingles seriously injured a few days ago, was particularly angry on social networks. Ron Harper, the Bulls’ five-time NBA champion, asked Collins to be cut a few games:

This doesn’t work! ! !

His coach should suspend him for the next five games…

Anger on social networks is high, and rightly the culprit will have to deal with it for a long time. At half-time, he tried to ease the tension by apologizing. Not sure if this is enough…

I realized I had to stop, but it was too late. I’ve never been a dirty player and I never will be. So I apologize to everyone for this risky act. I’m glad Wendell is okay.

David Collins made a name for himself as a dirty player with this action. Fortunately for him, his opponent was not seriously injured. However, he can expect very severe sanctions in the days to come.

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