Shaq gruffly voices: “You’re the best, I swear! »

At times, Shaquille O’Neal is aggressive in his comments about the younger generation, but he knows how to recognize talent when he sees it. That’s good, because in his opinion, the rising star in the league is already the best player on the tour!

If some former glory are very conciliatory with their successors and are more easily praised, others are more demanding. Shaquille O’Neal, he really alternates between the two camps. A big compliment to some of the biggest names in the league, and he’s made no secret of criticizing some of the current stars. Instead ask Donovan Mitchell.

A year ago, Diesel did put herself at the source of a big controversy because His inflammatory remarks behind the JazzThe latter also engaged in a heated debate over the legality of retired players’ opinions, sometimes at odds with the general opinion of fans. Anyway, Shaq isn’t always that bad, he can hire a young player whenever he thinks it’s worth it!

Shaquille O’Neal still drooling over Ja Morant

Over the past few days, O’Neal seems to have found his NBA darling these days: Ja Morant. He never stopped praising the Grizzlies’ young star leader, and he rewarded him with stratospheric performance. At the start of Memphis and New Orleans, the new All-Star and his teammates (132-111) won the game and he even made him…the best player in the league, simple!

You should see his face when I tell him he’s the best player in the league! He said, “Huh?! I said, “I’m not kidding, bro. “You’re the best, really. I swear you’re the best! He kind of believed me the first time I said it, but as soon as I agreed, he exploded.

Big Cactus must therefore have fallen in love with Morant, apparently wanting him to know for himself.No wonder it’s there because he’s already put at the center of his most valuable comparison. Here’s what he did again on set digital terrestrial televisionbringing Ja closer to two beautiful idols!

Jia is fine. Penny (Hardaway) is just that. Kobe (Bryant) is like that. This kid, in a few years, the Alliance will definitely be at his feet!

Shaq never stops praising Ja Morant, and the young star doesn’t seem to believe that much at the moment. And for good reason, as a legendary big man, he’s usually not used to being so religious!

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