“Shaq will never be able to defend this current player”

Despite his lack of motivation, Shaquille O’Neal knows how to defend, especially taking advantage of his incredible physique. However, a veteran of the league believes the Big Cactus will scare the current pivot…and his profile is reminiscent of one of the former Lakers’ biggest rivals.

Last year’s MVP voted second, Joel Embiid Not going to let the trophy escape him again in 2021-22. The Cameroonian has been on a mission since the start of the season, especially during a statistically absolutely stunning winter. Currently, the 76ers center leads the league in scoring, averaging no less than 29.8 points per game, in addition to contributing more than 11 rebounds and four assists.

A pretty crazy piece, he adds a very high level game that should improve further with his arrival James Harden in Philadelphia. Regardless, the league’s analysts and former players were stunned by what he shot down the floor every night, and the praise kept raining.For Jay Williams, he ESPNThe process is now so powerful, even great Shaquille O’Neal will fight him:

Joel Embiid, unavailable for Shaq, according to Jay Williams

Joel Embiid will become the first center since Shaq to become the NBA’s leading scorer. Remember when we used to talk about “what happened to traditional interiors”? They became Joel Embiid. I think Shaq has a hard time guarding him. Shaq couldn’t defend him.

I’ll have him move the perimeter the entire game. I know the scouting report at the time that he was a young Shaq and they had him camp out on the perimeter because he still had trouble defending the pick-and-roll. I would put Joel Embiid in that situation.

While it’s safe to say that big diesels won’t appreciate that, the argument is valid. Embiid isn’t just a physical monster, he’s also a technically gifted big man with a solid jumper and rock-solid footwork. It’s not unreasonable that he’s often compared to Hakeem Olajuwon…oh, chances, dreams are one of the things that’s caused the most problems in O’Neal’s career. Especially the latter who knows how to defend his circle, but is always unmotivated!

Shaq vs. Joel Embiid, a true Titan matchup we hope to see on the floor. We’re sure the Hall of Famer will do everything in his power to win, especially after Jay Williams’ comments!

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