Shaquille O’Neal’s Amazing Advice for Daughters

If he’s a shrewd businessman and a very busy man, Shaquille O’Neal never lacks time for his children. In order to protect his 3 daughters, Diesel also gives them advice, his honesty is surprising, but may end up saving lives…

when he’s not on setInside the NBA Because of his verbal spat with Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal Now a father for the kids. It’s no coincidence that Superman was on LSU’s side recently, seeing his eldest Sharif evolve on the floor of a famous NCAA faculty:

Shark’s cash advice to his 3 daughters

If his relationship with his son was “rough”, like his then-stepfather was with himself, O’Neal would be very protective of his daughters: Taahirah, Me’Aarah and Amirah. On his podcast, unexpectedly, the Hall of Famer wanted to warn them about the people they would choose in life. To illustrate his point, Shaq committed suicide very modestly:

I tell my daughters I’m shit. Really, that’s how I am. So I warned them and told them to be careful. I’m really scary, probably the worst kind of person, so it’s easy for me to spot malicious people because I’m worse than them.

It’s called being honest with yourself. Like many players, Shaq has made countless profits throughout his NBA career, chaining extramarital conquests at a frantic pace.The great seducer before eternity, for example, who now adds water to his wine, recently told a In the 1990s, the crazy parties among celebrities including Dennis Rodman.

Age has matured the Great Cactus, and he is now willing to pose as a saint and more willing to warn his daughters of dubious motives that some men might go out with “daughters.” One thing’s for sure: it’s best not to piss off Shaq, he’ll quickly overwhelm anyone who dares to hurt his flesh…

Honest and sober, Shaquille O’Neal believes he knows better than anyone the men his daughter should avoid. At this point, we might be able to trust him!

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