sporty.Latest Le Creusot Volleyball Results

Senior Men’s Division Competition: The Men’s Division faces the Sennecey 2 team.

The first two sets were laborious, and good service from Sennecey’s team didn’t keep the game on Creusot’s side. Even if the atmosphere in the team is good, the technical level is not enough for Sennessi. The final scores of 16-25, 17-25 and 21-25 are symbolic of the level differences.

The game marked the ninth loss in nine games this season. The team has won only two sets so far since the tournament began. The next game is against the Mâconnaise team, and if they win, the troops can be re-mobilized.

Senior Women’s Division Competition: Creusotines will face Mâcon this Friday night.

Captain’s words: “We all wanted to beat Makon again this Friday, and we did. We managed to get ahead in the first and second sets, which allowed us to win them without too much pressure. The third set was as complicated as usual, Makón was tight on our score and we had a hard time recovering our reception, let alone a service error. We still managed to get the upper hand and won the final set, thus winning Competition. I am very happy for the team that did not give up despite the difficulties. »

25-18, 25-18, 25-22 wins, third win of the year. Le Creusot’s next match will be at Halle des Sports on Friday March 11th at 9pm.

M15 Day in Sochaux: The CVB Under-15 volleyball players also find their way to the Nets after a two-week break. They traveled to Sochaux with coach Maël to start Stage 3 of the Regional Championship.

The creusotines needed time to get into the game and lost the first two games. Still, they improved their game and, set after set, gained confidence and locked down the points. With the help of perfect team cohesion, they won the next two games.

They finished 7th out of 11 and were proud of their day.The next match is going to be held on 20-Mar-20 at Fontaine (Dijon)

Senior Men’s Regional, coach’s words: “We knew Stage 3 would be against teams we could afford, and this win was good for morale and rewarded the work we’ve done since the start of the season. It might not have been the best game of the season, But despite the absence, the team has shown aggression and unity. A long rebound requires a lot of energy. We have made a difference in service/reception, especially defense. Also, the workforce has been fairly rotated. Necessary for home next Saturday Confirmed against St. Vitus. »

Captain’s words: “First win of the season, really good. Even if we weren’t flashy, we started strong, we fit in throughout the game, we managed to finish important points, which is important for morale .

We still have some progress on consistency, but we’re done. »

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