Starligue: MHB reconquering normal life in Dunkirk Championship

This season, Montpellier is a lambda team. This Sunday in Dunkirk (3.30pm), he can continue his redemption mission with a third consecutive success on the 16th day of the Star League.

It’s hard to admit. MHB no longer causes fear.Under normal circumstances, victories over Saran and Wednesday (29-30) last weekend (26-22) and Wednesday (29-30) fall into “ordinary” territory, as the team Patrice Canayer has been the face of French handball for two decadesBut this season, in line with a slight decline since the 2018 European Championship, Montpellier has become a lambda team. This (for Limoges-Montpellier), the champion of No. 9 against No. 12. We have to accept this situation.It hurts to say it, but we have to stop accepting what we are not assured Canayer on Friday at the club’s new bistro, the MHB Cafe, that the situation is clearer than ever.

No more season-ending goals. No more plans for the Comet to imagine a title fight with Paris Saint-Germain. From now on we set ourselves up to a cycle of 2-3 games. There, we are close to the third game against Dunkirk. These are very important games that can reposition you in the league. “said the manager.

“I’m the manager, I’m the one who sets the rules of the game”

Wearing this new normal team kit, the club is unknown, and in the face of a lack of leadership, Patrice Canaye wants to be the top guide.His first measure since resuming the championship ten days ago was healthy people. Even more than before. Even if it means putting goalie Marin Sego — one of the highest-paid and more experienced men on the team — in the freezer and promoting Charles Beau, who has excelled in the past two games Ersinger (21). “There’s no hierarchy. Goalkeepers or anything else. Olympic titles, European titles, it’s not my problem. What matters to me is what they do when they wear MHB shirts. not what they were able to do 2-3 years ago. I have no problem making choices. I’m the manager, I’m the one who sets the rules of the game”He said.

The redemption mission starts.

The savior is called again @Cbolzinger ?

– National Handball League (@LNHofficiel) February 10, 2022

Group: Sego, Bonnefoi, Bolzinger; Descat, Pellas, Arthur Lenne, Yanis Lenne, Nacinovic, Moscariello, Porte (cap), Panic, Berthier, Duarte, Bos, Wallinius, Bataille.
Patrick Cazal and his deputy Arnaud Calbry will leave USDK at the end of the season to be replaced by the duo of Franck Maurice (Nîmes) and Tarik Hayatoune (ex-Limoges).

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