Starligue: Montpellier completely uncomfortable ahead of capital derby to face Toulouse

MHB host Toulouse at the FDI Stadium at 8pm on Saturday 26 February in a mixed atmosphere, with their backs to the wall after losing seven games in the league.

The Montpellier handball is at the bottom of the hole and is still being excavated.Morning in the capital Derby race in europe Against Toulouse (8pm kick-off), MHB are sixth in the Starligue standings, having lost seven of their 17 games. This has never happened in the club’s illustrious history. Malaise is no longer confined to the four walls of the locker room.

President blames players via Twitter Julian Delgary Return the debate to the public square, name the culprit, and throw the boy already weakened by the results into the conference “recapture” Conversely, the organization didn’t help the day after the European Championships in early February.

training mask

Back flush, sometimes injured (withdrawn seven times a week ago in Creteil), mostly disliked ramp lifte curated by Patrice Canayer with extensive statistics. There is also the idea that some people will hide behind small sores. “If they waited until 100 per cent…that’s not going to happen. Everyone is obviously not equal in the face of pain”Manager Aero exclaimed.

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As for the President’s Admonitions, Patrice Canayer Judges Them “Normal”: “He’s not satisfied, and he’s right to say that.” Even if it means offending players who are aware of the situation but increasingly mentally exhausted.

During training, masks are now a necessity.identical Hugo Discartusually quickly convinces everyone to sit quietly between exercises. “They were unhappy, I was unhappy, everyone was unhappy, but there was no tension in the team”, committed to Patrice Canayer. Behind the scenes, however, many no longer hide their desire to be elsewhere…and maybe there is another discourse.

Julien Deljarry: “It’s their job and it’s normal for them to put it in their heads when things go bad…”

“Patrice is still the man for the job, Say Julien Deljarry. I’m not going to change coaches mid-season. His contract expires in 2024. Unless disaster strikes, we’ll go that far with him. During the break, we ask ourselves a question: should we change people or methods? we changed our approach, more rigorous, more work, more intensity, and with three wins, it worked pretty well. “

Unsurprisingly, he then sent the players back to their duties: “It’s their job. When things go bad, it’s normal for them to put it in their heads. We put a lot of money into the club, they get paid well and know how to find me to renegotiate and in return you need result.”

Julien Deljarry dreams of success in the Coupe de France, reaching the Champions League semi-finals, making a comeback in the league and winning against Toulouse this Saturday. “For a long time, I thought you had to have fun to win. In fact, You have to win the game to have fun, stick to the leaders of Montpellier. Valentin Porte and others knew what they had to do to smile again.

A match will be broadcast live on with commentary

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