Stephen Curry says who is the better shooter between him and Klay!

Teammates for over a decade, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are clearly among the best shooters in history. But which one of them is better than the other? Chef recently gave an answer that may not please 11’s fans!

Would the NBA be the same today without the Splash Brothers? We can seriously doubt that, the Golden State Warriors’ two guards contributed enormously to the Orange Ball revolution. In addition to his collective success with three championship rings, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson have led the league in shooting for years, both in the number of winning shots and in their excellent technique.

Kira Klein missed two years due to injury, and it’s not known if he’ll be able to stay at the same level as before. He’s trailing more than 38 percent of his 3-pointers in 2021-22, and his return is encouraging anyway. But is he still as good as Curry?in with GQ Sports The ringleader was asked this question a few weeks ago. His answer couldn’t have been clearer:

Curry considers himself a better shooter than Klay Thompson

I’m glad I’m the one answering the question, not him. I think it must be me. But all the great shooters feel like they can beat anyone in the game, no matter who they are. But because he shoots so well, every time we play, I have to be at the top to beat him.

Unsurprisingly, the chef considers himself number one and we can hardly blame him, he is the most prolific man in the history of the field. On the other hand, if we have to go into detail about what constitutes a shot, Stephen reckons his teammates beat him in one area: the beauty of gestures. And he’s not the only one who says that, because under Article 30, the former president of the United States would say the same thing!

Barack Obama said Clay’s shot was better than mine. I would say he is right. I would definitely consider it prettier than mine. There are many ways to do this, and if you look at the best shooters of all time, you’ll see that everyone has their own style. Clay’s development is very good.

Curry has a pure quality about him, and Thompson has an aesthetic about him. That’s what the Warriors leaders say, and it’s totally defendable. Meanwhile, Killa Klay holds the record for field goals scored in a single game, and he’ll be able to brag for a while!

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