Superstars come to the Lakers to be invited to the game! Arena is a “must go” for celebrities. Despite the lacklustre Lakers performance, the room was always packed with celebrity meetings with LeBron James and his teammates. Proof that a great superstar made demands on the team to win the invitation.

Years have passed and results have been up and down, but the Lakers remain the stars’ favorite team. Hollywood is just a stone’s throw away from the Arena, where the world’s most recognizable celebrities flock to the front row to see the Purple and Gold make or break.This is even more so because LeBron James Arrived in California.

This Saturday, to entertain the Warriors, there were obviously very good people in the room, especially eventual NFL champions Matthew Stafford and Aaron Donald, who came to pay back the King, who was Released from the stands at the last Super Bowl. The latter also admitted to the Rams quarterback that he was Why he posted his scoring record on a Lakers jersey.

NFL star Cooper Cooper wants to watch Lakers live

Unfortunately, not all Rams stars are invited to this top-tier clash between California’s most prestigious NBA teams. So on Twitter, last-year Super Bowl MVP Kup Kup made a huge appeal to the Purple and Gold, hoping they would also be eligible for tickets on the edge of the court in the future.

The Lakers are obviously effective against the Rams on the edge of the court…I’m ready to sacrifice myself if necessary. 😂

Cooper Cooper worked hard to hide his jealousy over the image of LeBron James and Matthew Stafford after the Lakers’ recent win. But because he’s a bit superstitious, like all athletes, he thinks if the Rams allow the Purple and Gold to win and save this disastrous season, they’ll probably come back more often.

In this hypothetical, he is ready to sacrifice himself and sit in the front row of the Arena for the next meeting. In any case, he should have no problem getting an invite, and he’s one of the best players in the NFL, the No. 1 sport in the Atlantic. After bringing the Super Bowl back to the City of Angels, he should be welcomed with open arms by the city.

Cooper Kupp was not invited to the end meet The Lakers, unlike Matthew Stafford and Aaron Donald, so he had a bad day. However, after this barely concealed footsteps call, this error should be quickly fixed by the Purple and Gold Legion.

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