“That package for Anthony Davis? The Lakers should take it”

The Lakers’ downfalls this season seem to be endless, and increasingly seem to be leading the team into a tumultuous summer. Therefore, a member of the league believes that Angelinos is better off sending Anthony Davis to an opponent in exchange for a specific set of players!

With seven defeats in their last 10 meetings, they are clearly not taking the right direction for the end of the season. The Lakers are ninth in the West (27-33) and with 22 games to play, the Lakers are heading for the playoffs. That’s still a worrying possibility if they don’t fall out of the league’s top 10 by the end of the regular season.

In any case, few observers see Frank Vogel’s men able to stage a coup in the playoffs. So next summer should change and prompt one or more stars to leave the roster. From then onwards, Anthony Davis Rumors of this kind are inescapable, and are the subject of some interesting trade proposals within the NBA community!

Anthony Davis’ archenemy for the Lakers?

AD’s frailty continues to cause him to lose credibility in Los Angeles, Even more so after the latest worrying update about it. So breaking up with him next offseason makes sense for some. While destinations such as Chicago or Miami have been mentioned in this document, league executives would prefer to send him to… Boston for a 5-man trade!

An unnamed NBA executive told Heavy.com that the Lakers should consider trading Anthony Davis for Jaylen Brown.

“Ad made a deal with (Taron) Horton-Tucker to get Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Aaron Nesmith? The Lakers should take it. I, I do. »

Davis thought long and hard about joining Boston before being sent to the Purple and Gold in 2019. A Celtics superstar tried to recruit him, in vain. The marriage could take place three years later if and only if Angelino’s leaders believe the deal is worth it. However, not sure if C would agree to sell Jaylen Brown, especially given his recent form and the state of the team!

Anthony Davis vs. Jaylen Brown: Who said no? The executives questioned here are in favor of this exchange anyway. See if the Lakers will also be the starters, if they think they can get more from Unibrow, or if they prefer to keep it!

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