The Blues finished 4th and the result

European Men's Handball 2022: Blues finish 4th, results

2022 EUROPEAN cruel result HAND CHAMPIONSHIP. 2022 Euro 2022 French handball team handball with the first four.

[Mis à jour le 31 janvier 2022 à 15h25] The Blues had hoped for a medal, and she did, but only 4th after a brutal extension to Guillaume Gill’s men after he beat Denmark. “Unable to achieve, unable to validate this game, it was a great handball game and it was disappointing. We can be proud of what we have achieved, even though there were a lot of frustrations in the final moments of being unable to control the game. We could have negotiated some balls better. We were very disappointed, but also proud because it was the most complicated game I know, both as a coach and as a player. Logistics, injuries, Covid, every day we have There are different concerns. However, with this group we had a great time and we feel like they are on the right track. When we saw the last three games played in the final moments, it was a testament to the difficulty of bringing the European A medal back. A fourth place medal is the icing on the cake for this Euro and we’ll have it all done in two weeks. It’s a crash test every morning. We have problem days every time, but we manage to stay focused on handball “It all requires a lot of adaptation from us as employees. It requires experience, but I hope it will be unique in my career,” the France coach analyzed.

As a small consolation prize, he fell in love with the Blues, knowing that it was Sweden who won the European handball 27-26 in the final against Spain.

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What is the TV broadcast of Men’s Handball Europe?

The TF1 Group exclusively broadcasts the Blues’ best games for free, offering several matches, including the TF1 prime-time semi-finals. Being Sports Group, for its part, broadcast the entire conference.

Which players were selected?

guardian: Rémi DESBONNET (Usam Nîmes Gard) – Vincent GÉRARD (Paris SG HB) – Wesley PARDIN (Pays d’Aix Université Club)
Left winger: Hugo DESCAT (Montpellier HB) – Dylan NAHI (Kelce)
Left back: Thibaud BRIET (HBC Nantes) – Nikola KARABATIC (Paris SG HB) – Karl KONAN (Country of Aix University Club) – Romain LAGARDE (Country of Aix University Club)
Half center: Kentin MAHÉ (Telekom Veszprem HC) – Aymeric MINNE (HBC Nantes)
Pivot: Ludovic FABREGAS (FC Barcelona) – Théo MONAR (HBC Nantes) – Nicolas TOURNAT (PGE Vive Kielce)
Right back: Julien BOS (Montpellier HB) – Dika MEM (FC Barcelona) – Melvyn RICHARDSON (FC Barcelona)
Right winger: Benoît KOUNKOUD (Paris SG HB) – Yanis LENNE (Montpellier HB) – Valentin PORTE (Montpellier HB – Cap)

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