The Embarrassing Problem That Could Come Up If Bronny and LeBron Play Together

The reunion of LeBron and Bronny James in the NBA under the same jersey is clearly the king’s dream of ending his career. Aside from Michael Jordan’s former teammates, he has become the player’s agent, raising little questions that the situation can bring…

LeBron James It’s been loud and clear for months: yes, playing in the NBA with his son LeBron Jr. is a goal for him. The good news is that things seem to be adjusting for this to happen. Despite his 37 years on the job and more and more injuries, the Lakers superstar is still at an extraordinary level that should keep him in the league for a few more years.

For his part, Bronny James continues to thrive on the Sierra Canyon side.dissatisfied slam dunk for his age and size, the eldest of the Chosen One especially impresses with his basketball IQ (like Dad) and his outdoor address. He’ll land in the NCAA in the summer of 2023 and thus be eligible for the 2024 NBA draft…just over two years.

LeBron will be 39 by then, and based on all the rumors in the hallway, he’ll likely be ready to go where he needs to play with his descendants for at least a season. The two “Browns” will apparently become the first father-son duo to play together in NBA history, and it will be an unforgettable moment for them. But three-time NBA champion and current player’s agent BJ Armstrong sees things from a more pragmatic perspective…

LeBron and Bronny are on the same team, an embarrassing concern

A guest on the podcast “The Hoop Genius,” the former leader smiled and pointed out the trouble young Brownie had been having with his father:

I think it’s great, but imagine this: someone on the team asks you out and you have your dad in the hotel lobby (laughs). When I think back to the NBA, the off-court experience…when I was 21, I didn’t want my Darren to be with me on the road!

You’ve got BJ Armstrong’s message: young players tend to have a lot of fun when they enter the league, between nights out, very busy personal and intimate lives, and more. In that sense, being his father would “deprive” Bronny of an experience like this, because it’s hard to imagine two James happily going to a strip club between meetings.

The good news is that this situation will further strengthen the work ethic of the young King, who has only one goal: the orange ball, not the daily distractions of the famous “NBA lifestyle.” It’s good for a career.

If he came to the NBA with his father, Bronny James would have a very different start than most of his colleagues in the league. But when the price paid is the king’s apprentice, can we regret it?

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