“The Lakers are over, even with LeBron! »

The situation for the Lakers continues to be concerning, even after the positive signals the team sent back in the final game. One analyst even thought their season was lost despite LeBron James’ shocking performance!

For now, the All-Star Game allows them to suspend the season and let their minds empty at the dawn of the final sprint. The Lakers showed encouraging expressions on the court before approaching this respite. Despite the eventual loss, Frank Vogel’s team had a good game against the Warriors, but Frank Vogel’s team continued that good momentum against the Jazz and in character Victory was achieved (106-101).

However, not all lessons from this final meeting turned out to be positive.Actually hurtAnthony Davis What happened in the second quarter will inevitably cause concern for the rest of their campaign. Plus, this bad news for the franchise has prompted some pessimistic comments from some observers!

The Lakers condemned before the playoffs?

in the show the first thingChris Broussard talks to his opponent and former NBA champion Antoine Walker and reveals himself to be a defeatist for Angelinos!

I know you still have that little voice in your head saying, “But LeBron…but LeBron…” But from a realistic standpoint, I think they’re over.

To justify this view, fox sports Mainly the unavailability of calling the upcoming Davis.

We know his absence will not last 4 weeks. They will reassess his injury in 4 weeks to see if he heals well, but I think it will take at least 6 weeks! So, after missing 18 games, including 12 against playoff teams, he’ll be back on April 1.

In the absence of Unibrow, entire production in Los Angeles could be affected.

I think their defense would be terrible without Anthony Davis. They can’t stop anyone. AD helped because he protected the rim well, but now that he’s gone, the opposing offense will be welcome!

This news to consider at the end of the season could also have a very negative impact on… LeBron James !

LeBron’s 34 minutes per game won’t keep them afloat. He will have to give it his all and play 37 minutes or more! It’s going to take a toll on his body, he’s just coming back from an injury and he says he needs to rest for his knee to heal!

AD’s injury, the team’s tight schedule, LeBron James’ increased workload… There are too many factors for Chris Broussard to not give the Lakers much face. Therefore, it will be difficult to declare their champions next June!

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