The Lakers’ Iggy Azalea curse? !

Famous artist Iggy Azalea may be eyeing LA Lakers NBA players

NBA (DR) / @thenewclassic

The Lakers saw world star Iggy Azalea in their environment a few days ago. But just like the Kardashians, the Australian artist could have a very bad influence on the franchise, especially Angelino!

Already struggling this season, they don’t need that. Just weeks before the playoffs, the Lakers are still finding themselves. The apparent lack of automation on the Los Angeles side is a concern this time of year. Again, so far, nothing has really elicited a reference match.

All of these bleak pictures don’t mean a happy ending for this team, which nonetheless believes it has what it takes to make the playoffs great. For that, she already has to visit it, not sure yet. And recent signals from Frank Vogel’s men are unlikely to reassure their fans!

Malik Monk frustrated by his romance with Iggy Azalea?

Aside from LeBron James, Angelinos has had little satisfaction in recent days. It also explains the team’s recent record of losing three games in as many games as possible. January big man Malik Monk, for example, is going through one of the most delicate times. Fans were quick to associate the poor form with… His budding romance with Iggy Azalea !

Malik Monk last month:
17 points per game / 49% shooting / 49% 3-pointers / 3.4 3-pointers per game

Malik Monk since rumors link him to Iggy Azalea:
7 PPG / 30% FG / 17% 3P / 0.7 PG

The Kardashian curse has been in the NBA for several years, but the curse that accompanied the azaleas remains unknown. It has to be said that the young woman has only played Nick Young in the league so far. However, the numbers speak for themselves, apparently as Malik Monk’s assassin. If he wants to be successful at the end of the season, the young guard knows he has something left to do: cut ties with the rapper!

Jokes aside, disruptions in the Lakers’ life may start to affect Malik Monk. This is undoubtedly a blow to the Purple and Gold Legion who really need him to get rid of the current crisis!

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