The Lakers lost again… The final controversy is huge!

Returning to the game on Friday, the Lakers lost again. There are some concerns about the future, especially after the loss in the Los Angeles derby and the huge controversy at the end. The referee’s decision is unpopular, especially because of its duration. explain.

For the Lakers, there is no room for error in the Western Conference if the team dreams of making the playoffs, or at best the playoffs. We can say it’s been a very bad start for Frank Vogel’s players, who beat the Clippers 102-105 this Friday night. LeBron Jamesor Russell Westbrook, didn’t really shine.

The Kings, who had 21 points but shot 6/18 from the field, struggled after the All-Star break. Russ finished his game with 18 points, but only 3 rebounds and 9/21 shooting: a pretty serious absence for him, especially since the Angelinos lost on arrival after. But controversial is the sequence that occurs 24 seconds from the end.

The Lakers are furious at the referee!

At this crucial moment of the game, LeBron made a beautiful save to avoid the ball and pass it to his teammates. Robert Covington intercepts, but climax wears off: Tyron Lue disagrees and challenges the referee’s whistle. He believes the Akron native was out when the action began. Officials will give the Clippers a reason before seeing Vogel realize another challenge.

The Lakers/Clippers’ two challenges to the coach took a total of 13 minutes to review. more than a quarter.

The last 30 seconds of the Lakers/Clippers game ended in 20 minutes in real time. The NBA needs to change something.

Yes, the judges took their time to make decisions, mostly about the Lue challenge. A real misunderstanding, especially since no one knows why officials took more than 10 minutes to make a choice. A controversial ending that should lead to changes in the NBA:

The ending between the Lakers and Clippers was so bad that Frank Vogel was furious. How will the referee justify such an outcome? No doubt, after such a downturn, the NBA will want an explanation.

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