The number of women that magic johnson sleeps every day

If ever there was one player who profited (and paid for) from the madness of 1980s Los Angeles, it was Magic Johnson. In the interim, the Lakers leader’s teammates specifically revealed what was a “typical” day for the Hall of Famer in his NBA career. It has something that leaves you speechless..

When Magic Johnson left his native Michigan to land in Los Angeles after finishing his NCAA class in the early 1980s, he underwent one of the most brutal changes ever. From the grays of the Midwest to the sunshine of California, from anonymity to the greatest glory, the leader pressed his life to the fullest in the 1980s.

his stuff? woman. Everywhere, all the time. The five-time NBA champion spoke about this real addiction several times after he was diagnosed with HIV in 1992, which led to the end of his career. Three years later, the magician is in great shape, but the story of his legendary libido remains…

Morning, Noon, and Evening: Magic Johnson’s Crazy Routines with Women

Ron Carter, who briefly had a not-so-memorable career with the Lakers, remembers the sexual heresy that prevailed in the purple-and-gold Showtime version:

That’s crazy. This is a team of dancers, of which the magician is the largest. Not only the biggest team, but the biggest team I’ve ever seen in my life. He loves women more than anything. One day, we were on the road together, and I asked him: “But when do you sleep? Do you sleep at least sometimes? »

We landed at a hotel in a new town, and two or three women were waiting for him each time. He slept with them and kicked them out of the bedroom. Later in the day, we had a training session with 2 or 3 women. Same. Then after the night game, it’s 2 or 3 again. This is incredible.

You’ll get the idea: Magic Johnson “consumes” nearly ten women a day — numbers that would almost make Wilt Chamberlain, the owner of the event, pale. For the Lakers point guard, this is his only way out, he has no other hobbies. Carter concludes:

Erwin does not smoke, drink or use drugs. His vice is women.

Magic Johnson lived out his American dream in a decade of madness, fame, money, success and sex. Because of this lifestyle, before becoming one of the most visible faces in the fight against AIDS.

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