The rumored superstar drops a bombshell on his future!

The regular season is coming to an end and is about to give way to the regular negotiations of the summer. A superstar who may be about to leave has also decided to react now and clarify his intentions!

Just past the trade deadline, some teams are already interested in the next offseason. The possibility that some of the league’s biggest names who have been stagnant over the past few weeks could still leave their teams once the season is over is already making waves in the market. And the latter’s inflammatory rhetoric can clearly contribute to this!

Bradley Beal talks about his future with the Wizards

Bradley Beal, who was already in the spotlight last summer, could be the subject of mass canvassing again in a few months. His contract situation fits perfectly with those rumors, as the Wizards guard star has a player option for next season. In a recent speech, he also made his recent major injury a boon for thinking about his future!

Bradley Beal says not playing for the rest of the season will give him more time to think about his future and also take a step back and watch roster/younger development. From that perspective, he calls it a bad thing. This gives him more time to make important decisions.

The first statement clearly left the door open for his departure. After all, Beal might be tempted by the prospect of a new venture away from Washington after Washington did not play in the contentious Western Conference finals for 10 straight seasons. !

When asked if it was fair for Bradley Beal to be more inclined to re-sign with the Wizards, he replied: “Yes, yes.»

Bradley Beal, still unsure of his future, said he’s in favor of a contract extension with the Wizards for now. However, this trend may evolve with performance and candor at the end of the season!

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