The secret the Lakers failed to hide from Westbrook

While the relationship between Frank Vogel and Russell Westbrook has complicated, the entire team wants the leader to leave by the deadline. There have been discussions to let him go, and caution is expected. The mission was not successful.

Completely in disrepair since the start of the season, Russell Westbrook Knowing that Game 1 with the Lakers was a complete failure, at least for now. The leader has to do better, just like his team, which currently has a poor record at 26-30.

The Angelinos have no confidence and they still hope to reverse that trend in the second half of the season. If the deadline is a serious failure, the roster can still be strengthened by signing free agents. This is where leaders want to hit, especially point guards.

Russell Westbrook documents failure at deadline

Dennis Schroeder is mentioned, which is not trivial in the Angelinos family. That proved the need for a leader, which meant Westbrook wasn’t satisfied, nor was Frank Vogel, who didn’t hesitate to put him on the bench at the end of the game. According to Sam Amick, this could have ended by the deadline, but the Purple and Gold failed.

I wrote in January that the Lakers have shown caution about a potential trade involving Russell Westbrook. I used the word “cautious” because the idea was something Westbrook wouldn’t have discovered. I’ve been told that a trade with the Kings and Buddy Hield has been discussed. Yes, the same player the Lakers dreamed of last summer but ultimately decided to head to Westbrook and work with the Wizards instead of the Kings.

We remember last summer when Buddy Hield was close to the Lakers, but management preferred Westbrook. Still, the full-back could have done a lot of good with his shot: a perpetual regret for fans, especially with Lars likely to be traded soon.

So, surprises aside, we can expect sports in the coming weeks, as Pelinka can’t sit idly by. Almost got a signature based on some echoeseven though Angelinos didn’t really dream.

Russell Westbrook traded? Yes, the front desk has probed the ground without much success. Too bad for the Angelinos, who will have to manage the second half of the season, which is expected to explode…

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