The sequel to Nintendo’s best-selling game of all time is finally coming to Switch this spring

It is the fourth best-selling video game console in the world. The Wii launched in 2006 and sold over 101 million copies*…before being forgotten again. In 2013, Nintendo announced a complete cessation of production, followed by repairs in early 2020. That’s terrible news for gamers, especially since the Japanese company’s best-selling video game is available on the Wii console.

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Wii Sports is the world’s best-selling Nintendo video game

Contrary to what people think, it’s neither Mario Kart, nor Zelda, nor Pokémon. If FIFA 21 Legacy Edition is now the most popular video game on Nintendo Switch, it’s a very different universe that touches the hearts of geeks the most, all Nintendo consoles combined: Wii Sports! The sports simulation game, family fun, did sell nearly 83 million units. According to Ouest France, it was a huge success, not least thanks to the game’s presence in the Wii pack since the console event’s launch.

Nintendo Switch Sports coming soon

Good news for nostalgia, bowling and volleyball will soon be available again…on Nintendo Switch! Nine years after the Wii was discontinued, the Japanese company has just announced that the Wii Sports series will be making a comeback, which will logically be called Nintendo Switch Sports.

When is the release date for Nintendo Switch Sports?

Its official release date? April 29, 2022. But if you’re a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber, the most impatient will be able to discover its development version in the online playtest on February 19th and 20th (register on from February 16th) ( From 19.99 euros per person) year).

What are the 6 sports of the competition (to be the 7th)?

Nintendo Switch sports tennis.

In the programme of the celebrations, 6 sports (tennis, football, bowling, volleyball, chambara and badminton) will allow players to play frantically through the giant movements of the joystick. Online, single or multiplayer, Nintendo Switch Sports is adding game modes to transform the fun, and will welcome a new practice during the Fall Update: Golf. To our Joy-Con™!

Nintendo Switch Sport, €39.99
For sale in specialty stores and on the Internet

* According to the latest data provided by Statista (31 December 2021).

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