The son of a legend narrowly escapes the Russian-Ukrainian war!

NBA David Stockton leaves Ukraine

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Hostilities have unfolded between Russia and Ukraine, and the sports world there is inevitably affected. Several athletes fled the scene after the Russian invasion, including the son of a Hall of Famer who narrowly escaped home.

Even on an NBA court, it’s hard to miss the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine since February 24. The second country has some of the best elements in the franchise, such as Alex Len and Svi Mykhailiuk.So it’s no surprise that several players in the major leagues have come forward to condemn the Russian invasion, such asEnes Liberty who slaughtered Vladimir Putin’s politics.

However, if their numbers are small, some American players are going in the opposite direction in Ukraine, inevitably seeing their lives at risk. Therefore, the latter makes every effort to leave the country as soon as possible so that they can return home. Among them, Michael Stockton, the son of the great John Stockton, was clearly gifted in the colours of Buddyville Nick Kyiv. The capital city occupied by the storm today, and therefore evacuated beforehand:

John Stockton’s son flees Ukraine after Russian invasion

Michael Stockton, the son of NBA Hall of Famer and Utah Jazz legend John Stockton, reportedly returned to the United States after leaving Ukraine last week amid fears of an imminent Russian invasion.

Stockton wasn’t the only American fleeing, as former NBA player Archie Goodwin was also on his team. Fortunately for him, the former Suns have found a new base in Israel. Meanwhile, the Jazz’s son joined his new team this summer, having played in France last year in a Scholet shirt. Most likely he now regrets not staying in France…

To be sure, these days are definitely tough for his well-informed father. Before having to worry about the safety of his descendants, John Stockton did draw the ire of the American public following his stance on covid-19. The most prolific passer and interceptor in history, his remarks caused a lot of controversy, to the point of being approved by his previous university. Start of a great year…

Good news for Michael Stockton, who was able to return home before the situation in Ukraine turned into an international drama. We also wish the best of luck to the athletes still present as their lives are still at risk.

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