The sports world’s reaction to the Ukraine war

The Russian-led war in Ukraine has drawn many reactions in the sports world. From the International Olympic Committee (IOC) condemned on Thursday 24 February, ” Russian government violates Olympic Truce”.

In a statement, the agency “Strongly condemned” Invade Ukraine. It recalled that on December 2, 2021, the 193 Member States of the United Nations adopted a resolution by consensus calling for respect for the Olympic and Paralympic Olympic and Paralympic Games Beijing 2022, starting from February 4 and 7 days after its conclusion. truce. The Paralympic Games closed on March 13.

“Today, IOC President Thomas Bach reiterated his call for peace in his speech at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games”the IOC said in its press release.

The International Olympic Committee also stated that “Deep concern for the safety of the Ukrainian Olympic community”. He has set up a task force to closely monitor the situation and “As far as possible to coordinate humanitarian aid to members of the Ukrainian Olympic community”.

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Football Champions League is about to relocate

The first retaliatory measures against Russia are emerging. UEFA UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin called a special meeting of the Executive Committee at 10am on Friday, “Assess the situation” and “make all necessary decisions” About the Champions League final scheduled for May 28 in St. Petersburg. In this case, the replacement site should be confirmed.

According to the Associated Press and Daily News era, UEFA has decided to relocate the tournament on Thursday.Russia’s invasion of Ukraine puts the situation in the final ” impossible”sources close to the body said, by era.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that no ” No chance” Russia could host football matches in the coming weeks.

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The question of the 2022 World Cup qualifier play-off semi-finals and finals in Moscow on March 24-29 also follows. The Polish, Swedish and Czech Republic federations asked in a joint press release on Thursday to reschedule the meeting (Russia qualified for one of the semifinals, against Poland).these federations “Not going to Russia” and asked organizers FIFA and UEFA “React immediately and propose alternative solutions”.

“When a country is at war, it’s wrong to run there”

In rugby, the match between Georgia and Russia was originally scheduled to be postponed if the Polish Handball Federation officially requested the postponement of two matches against Russia, scheduled for March and March 6, as part of qualification for the next European Championships 2020. The 6-nation B Championship scheduled for Sunday in Moscow has been postponed by the European Rugby Union.

The Euroleague also decided on Thursday to postpone three European games involving Russian clubs on Thursday and Friday. Earlier, FC Barcelona announced they would not play Moscow in St Petersburg on Friday and Moscow on Sunday.

Asville-Lyon-Villepinte president Tony Parker announced that night that he would give up sending the team to Russia next week to play Zenit St Petersburg and Yonex Kazan in the Europa League. “With our values, the club’s and my values, we will never go to Russia next week. After our meeting with the Europa League and all the clubs, we will see what they tell us, but as Aswell we will not Go to Russia. We are in 2022, we cannot accept such a thing”explains the former French NBA player.

In F1, Dutch driver Max Verstappen and German driver Sebastian Vettel have announced that the Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for September 25, will take place without them, even if the deadline is further down.

“I think it’s a mistake to play in this countrySebastian Vettel explained at a press conference in Catalonia, where pre-season testing is taking place, As far as I’m concerned, my opinion is that I shouldn’t go there. I will not go. »

“When a country is at war, it’s not right to go there, that’s for sure”, Supporting defending world champion Max Verstappen, adding ” What matters is not what I think, but the whole paddock will decide.”

Organisers of the Formula 1 World Championship said in a press release that it will follow ‘Very close developments’ Case.but they refuse to give “No further comment on the race scheduled for September”.

Some athletes have also begun to denounce the war, including Dynamo Moscow footballer Fedor Smolov: this is one of the few Russians who speaks out on the topic at the moment, the latter wrote “No War”followed by a Ukrainian flag and a broken heart, in a short post on Instagram.

Gazprom ousted from Schalke 04 football club jersey

In addition to doubts about hosting the competition in Russia, partnerships involving Russian interests have also begun to be the subject of marginalized measures.

For example, German football club Schalke (D2) decided on Thursday, ” Remove the word Gazprom from his shirt”. The Russian government-controlled gas supplier, the club’s main sponsor, has not said whether it also intends to do so without Gazprom funding.

In addition, Matthias Wernig, who was appointed by Gazprom to represent the company at Schalke in 2019, has resigned from the football club’s supervisory board. He is the CEO of the company that operates the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany, and a former senior Stasi official at East Germany’s Ministry of Internal Security, who is the target of U.S. sanctions, according to German media reports.

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