The three-man trade that sent Zion Williamson to the Warriors!

Zion Williamson’s situation with the Pelicans is getting more complicated and could lead to a move. The Warriors can then take this opportunity to revive the young star by sending two players to New Orleans…without touching their big name!

Everything seemed to be going well a few months ago, and the team is happy to apply the team option for this and upcoming seasons. Today, the reality is completely different. Sparkling in her sophomore movement, Zion Williamson Still not on the court with the Pelicans this year. The public opinion surrounding it on the scene was also heading in the wrong direction.

The Colossus’ actions caused a great deal of disgust behind the scenes, and even cast doubt on his future in New Orleans.Its leaders do have the option to center Brandon Ingram, and their fans already have clearly stated their dissatisfaction with Zanos. The latter’s courtiers should be scrambling, including some prestigious names!

How the Warriors Created a Crazy Five with Zion

Among the possible candidates for Zion’s arrival: the Warriors, who may only have to give up two “second-tier” players to get him a year after his contract expires!

  • The Warriors get: Zion Williamson
  • The Pelicans get: James Wiseman, Jonathan Cuminga, 2023 first-round pick

While Williamson can wait until the summer of 2023 to sign where he sees fit, Pells would be better off parting ways with him until then. Therefore, their market expectations may not be too high for the Golden State Warriors. At that point, the Warriors will only have to give up two promising young talents, James Wiseman and Jonathan Cuminga, and a first-round pick!

Although his physical issues are similar to Zion’s, Wiseman still has a good chance of breaking out in the next few years. As such, he would be a great replacement for the New Orleans golgoth, possibly even taking on more responsibilities there. Additionally, Kuminga is coming off a very encouraging February (14.8 ppg, 4.7 rpg) and will further expand the GS package.

Meanwhile, the question of whether Williamson is a good fit for San Francisco may arise. The latter isn’t necessarily known as a great defender, aside from the concerns he may have over his own health. However, he came to such a healthy organization and such a well-functioning collective that could fix that. Finally, he proved in his rookie season that he can make free throws from beyond the arc (42.9%)!

Despite all the risks this trade might carry, the Warriors could consider reinstating Zion Williamson to hold the post-dynasty star they’re desperately looking for. To do this, there’s nothing easier than building a deal with the Pelicans!

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