The two Lakers who need more minutes at the end of the season

The Lakers staff haven’t necessarily been there this season, but not everything will be thrown into the City of Angels. Two players in particular are convincing…if they continue their momentum, Frank Vogel will have no choice but to give them more responsibility.

If the Lakers struggle this much in 2021-22 (28-36, 9ᵉ West), it’s also because the superteams built in the offseason didn’t work. LeBron James Multiply to help yourself, but most newcomers have been very disappointed in the past six months.We especially think that Russell Westbrook Even DeAndre Jordan, who has had to pack and is now moving to Philadelphia.

However, Californians can still count on some silver linings in the workforce, even though tough times still seize the the site points out basketball net, two stand out: Malik Monk and Austin Reaves. They are characterized by a very satisfying performance in the field, especially when they are with the Chosen One. They also offer team productions from both sides of the pitch at the same time:

Austin Reeves and Malik Monk, Lakers Biggest Satisfaction

One of the few reasons Lakers fans should smile this season is to thank young players Malik Monk and Austin Reeves for stepping up every time they come on the court. When the trio of James, Monk and Reeves played together, the Lakers had a +9.7 net rating. Their offensive efficiency is 123 attempts per 100 possessions, and their effective field goal percentage is 58.7 percent on those possessions.

When Reeves and Monk are on the floor, the Lakers benefit from effective shooting (thanks to Monk’s ability to score), defensive stops (thanks to Reeves’ ball pressure), and a young leg that doesn’t get hurt. Doing the dirty work on the counter and on the pitch.

This summer, Monk came from the Hornets to where his career began to struggle, and he wasted no time making an impression in Los Angeles. Averaging 12.7 points and 3.3 rebounds (39 percent from long range), he’s a very good scoring option off the bench. He’s been a hit with everyone in the preseason, and he confirmed what was expected of him, but he hasn’t played many games as a starter (only 23 of 57).

As for Reeves, it’s even more remarkable because we’re talking about an undrafted rookie. However, due to his restraint on the ground, he has become one of the darlings of the public. In both cases, these were players who played less than 30 minutes per game, and even 22 in Game 2. If they continue their momentum, the Purple and Gold may well be in their favor, allowing them to climb the ranks of the roster.

Few rookies have really made a positive impact on the Lakers this year, but Austin Reeves and Malik Monk are clearly among them. This should get you more playtime by the end of the event!

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