“They’re cutting LeBron James’ career! »

Even though he’s 37, LeBron James has to give it his all every night hope Win and stay in the playoffs. But for a former All-Star, the Kings Superman effort would shorten his career, and it would be the fault of his teammates.

LeBron James The 37-year-old is entering his 19th NBA season, but he remains phenomenal with averages of 29.1 points, 7.9 rebounds and 6.5 assists per game. But if those numbers make him the top scorer in league history, it perfectly illustrates all of the Purple and Gold’s shortcomings this season. The Kings aren’t breathing any hope of winning the playoffs.

Although he had to make room Russell Westbrook in the organization of the competition and Anthony Davis On offense, n°6 still has to take care of everything. The leader is just a shadow of himself and he can pack up next summer when AD still spends a good part of his time in the infirmary…this Wednesday, He had to leave his partner again due to a sprained ankle.

Gilbert Arenas asks Lakers to help LeBron James

According to Gilbert Arenas, he spoke on the show on his YouTube channel Fubo Sports, the lack of support forces LeBron to tap into resources he no longer has, which could ultimately shorten his NBA career. The king is no longer young, and painting so much every night does have irreversible consequences:

LeBron still has his talent, and despite his age, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down, instead, he’s getting smarter and smarter on the court. But I think his teammates need to start looking in the mirror and questioning themselves. They have to realize that they are reducing LeBron’s career and thus their chances of winning a championship. If he has to do all these things to keep them alive, the others are not doing their jobs.

Sometimes players are afraid of having great talent around them and they can’t be themselves. Every open shot, they want to know what LeBron will think…if you score, he’ll thank you! Great players don’t have time to make mistakes or fail. The Kings will move on this season and play at his level, and it’s up to others to catch up to him rather than him holding hands.

For Gilbert Arenas, LeBron James can’t outdo himself and lead all his teammates to victory, but rely on others to elevate himself and live up to the King’s demands. If they’re successful, the leaders will be able to take a break and hit 300 percent in the playoffs…and for now, he’ll show his kneecaps in the first round against the Suns or Warriors.

LeBron James is still going strong at 37, which isn’t necessarily a good sign, according to Gilbert Arenas. Leading his team this way, the Kings will only diminish his career as he taps into resources that become scarce as he ages.

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