“This star is a charlatan, he thinks he is untouchable, but he will regret it”

Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving both smile at the Nets

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The swap between James Harden and Ben Simmons mostly involved the snubs of both players on their respective teams. It’s been on fire since then… A radio station in Philadelphia specifically attacked the Australian, giving him a big warning.

Ben Simmons, who hasn’t played basketball in six months, categorically refuses to wear Sixers colors again. The treatment he received after a poor playoff run last year struck a chord with the winger, whose relationship with Manchester City fans has deteriorated at an alarming rate in a matter of weeks.Fortunately for everyone, a solution has been found and he now finds himself in Brooklyn in exchange for James Harden.

The Australian’s first press conference Colors were also announced, as he took the opportunity to issue a warning to his old club. Unsurprisingly, we didn’t appreciate Pennsylvania’s provocation, and now it’s the locals’ turn to destroy their former players. Radio host Ben Maller from Philadelphia seriously let him live, promising long-term trouble:

Ben Simmons destroyed by Philadelphia radio

Ben Simmons has actually confirmed through his actions that the conspiracy theories these eccentrics say are true. Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons is a charlatan, an imposter and a fraudster who hides behind a sanity card knowing it makes him untouchable. But he will regret it.

Mahler recalled that the former No. 1 pick chose not to play for psychological reasons, explaining that his mental state was not good. To this day, no one can really tell if it’s real or a bluff in order to get what they want. On the Philly side, we’re sure it’s just Frank, and this guy is a roster sport of his own accord to hurt the team.

Right now, we’re only waiting for one thing: a reunion of the two parties, which is going to be extremely explosive. On March 11, the Nets will travel to Philadelphia, a date that no doubt everyone has circled on their calendars, including the players themselves.This is also his chance to meet people Joel Embiidwho has dismantled this disgraceful story many times since it began.

It’s clear that the relationship between Ben Simmons and Philly isn’t going to get better. Given that we’ve been watching soap operas for six months, we’re not even sure there will be a reconciliation one day…

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