“This team is shit, it’s a national disgrace”

The disastrous Knicks this season has never ceased to disappoint. Even their most loyal supporters couldn’t take the torment anymore…one of them lit them up on a rare national broadcast, and absolutely no one in the organization let them go.

Aside from the Lakers, New York is perhaps the most disappointing place for this 2021-22 fiscal year. However, we’re talking about last year’s NBA darling, who ended the regular season in the top four in the East after years of mediocrity. And if the adventure stops in the first round against the Eagles, the consensus is that the Big Apple players can confirm. However, after playing over 50 games, we are far from it.

The Knicks are only 12th in the division with a 25-34 record and are already behind in the playoffs. They also lost again, this time against a disastrous Brooklyn team (111-10§). Enough to despair the most loyal fans of the saga, and they’re starting to freak out.Known for his New York attachments, Stephen A. Smith atomized them on the show first shot. Sensitive soul abstains, the analyst unleashes the most violent sulphate:

Stephen A. Smith destroys the Knicks

The New York Knicks are a national disgrace, ladies and gentlemen. They are horrible. Coach Thibodeau, we heard the New York Knicks don’t like him anymore and he can leave. I don’t care if he leaves tonight. Julius Randall, I’m done with him. Leon Rose, the inmates in our state prison are more visible than this guy. He’s the president of basketball operations, and we can’t find him.

This is shit. Without KD, without Kyrie, and without Ben Simmons, you lost after a 28-point lead against the Nets thanks to a rookie named Cam Thomas? The New York Knicks are trash. Spike Lee shouldn’t even be there for the rest of the season. do not go. Nobody should. They are horrible. I have finished this team. It’s a shame you stink.

ESPN’s analyst has left no stone unturned, and we can understand his enormous frustration. Recruiting in the offseason proved to be a total failure, and players like Kemba Walker or Evan Fournier never knew how to measure up. Inactive around the deadline, but the Knicks will have to deal with the same group until April…and without further priors, it’s just plain painful considering the level of play.

Stephen A. Smith isn’t holding back on New York’s re-entry into the eastern ghetto. A year later, we seem to be back at the Plaza at the Big Apple… Madison Square Garden residents are truly heartbroken.

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