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Handball fans dreamed of it, and the French handball team did it! Winning the men’s and women’s doubles is possible, but we’ll have to face a long-toothed contender who needs our Blues skin. Nothing is easy, but in the face of adversity and defeat, the French team knows how to renew themselves and conquer Mount Olympus in the Land of the Rising Sun. Back to an emotional August!

Habs’ golden double, how did they qualify for the Tokyo Olympics?

The fate of France’s qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics varies. The women’s team won the championship and the men’s team won TQO, two very different paths.

The 2018 European title is synonymous with tickets for the Women’s Olympics

The French women’s handball team qualified for the Tokyo Olympics during the European Championships on French soil in December 2018. After being beaten by the same Russians in the opening match, EDF defeated Russia in the final while validating their Olympic tickets. The loss of the 2019 World Championships will not affect participation in the Japanese Olympics.

Men’s TQO Chess Game

For men, participating in the Olympics has always been chaotic. After a successful 2019 World Championship, with 3th Place, Euro 2020 was a disaster. These 2 Olympic qualifying defeats forced the French team to participate in the Olympic qualifying rounds. After securing one of the 3 games of the organization (in Montpellier), France find themselves competing with Croatia (multi-headed majors), Portugal (Black Beast) and Tunisia. team in 1Uh The game, 30-26, and then on to Tunisia 40-29, is synonymous with pocket Olympic tickets. His last game against Portugal was buttery, but inflamed the wrath of the Croats, who were beaten at the last second by the Blues, qualifying our Portuguese friends at the expense of the Croats…

From complicated first round to gold, French women’s team tops

As in every game before it, France is one of the favorites for gold. In a tough first round (Russia, Sweden, Spain, Hungary and Brazil), Les Bleues struggled and found himself in a tough spot. Olivier Krumbholz wins (30-29 v Hungary), draw (28-28 v Sweden) and 2 losses (Spain 28-25 and Russia 28-27), Olivier Krumbholz does not find the right formula and the team is on the verge of elimination . Goalkeepers Cléopâtre Darleux and Amandine Leynaud were unable to influence the game when the attacking animation lacked fluidity. Need to wait for the final match against Brazil to qualify for the quarter-finals and finish 3 with a 29-22 victoryth of the group. A synonym for a meeting with the 2019 world champion Netherlands. Mission promises are dangerous, but impossible not to be French.

Some people say that when the quarter-finals or finals of the Olympic Games come, a new competition begins. And this 1/4 question is the key game, which gives the chance of getting a medal or not. Indeed, this meeting will be a seesaw for the competition. Against the Dutch outsider, the French women’s team simply had a perfect game, a start that would have left the Batavias in trouble. Amandine Leynaud alone disgusted the Dutch attackers, who would never play (final score 32-22).Demonstration required for confirmation in the 1/2 final against Sweden, the opponents of 1Uh The round was tied 28-28, with Grace Zaadi missing the final penalty against the gongs. But once again, the Blues started this game with both feet on the ground and enormous pressure, borne by their 2 goalkeepers, Leynaud and Darleux, who did wonders in the cage. Sweden’s 29-27 victory over rivals Russia in the Tokyo Olympics final is already in the spotlight. The hen beaten by the same Russia (a tribute to Euro 2018), the French women wore outsider outfits to the game (worn voluntarily to avoid any negative pressure). France again dominated the game from the start. Pauletta Foppa and Alison Pino caused pain to the Russian defense, which didn’t slow them down. Amandine Leynaud is still doing well in her goals. Les Bleues definitely widens the gap between the 2Ender half time. 30-25 victory, Olympic gold is finally on the neck of the champion! The only title missing from the French women’s handball team.

Men’s gold medal, almost perfect

After a failed 2019 European Championship (eliminated in the first round) and an unconvincingly successful World Championship (fourth place), the French team came to these Games on tiptoe. The declared favourites are Denmark, Spain and Norway. But among executives in the French workforce (Karabatic, Gigu, Abalo, Gérard), titles are always the number one goal. In a difficult group (Spain, Norway, Germany, Brazil and Argentina), the goal is to not pass the event and avoid the Danes at 1/4. After a quiet appetizer with two of their weakest opponents (33-27 wins for Argentina and 34-29 for Brazil), the first Test was against the Germans, who have always been a handball powerhouse. In an undecided match, the Blues managed to make a difference at the end of the game, winning 30-29 and opening the door to the quarter-finals. Validation of success against Spain 2 days later, victory will be synonymous with first place even before the last scheduled meeting. Against the 2019 European Champions, our Frenchman had a successful performance, taking the lead from the start, with Nedim Remili on fire (9 goals in this session). Hugo Descat et al wrecked Spain’s defense as France won 36-31 and took first place in the group. The last meeting with the Norwegian allowed Guillaume Gill to rotate the lineup and manage the executive’s playing time. There’s nothing wrong with a 32-29 loss. Next goal, 1/4 against Bahrain.

1time The place gained provides a more open table for the French team. His 1/4 opponent Bahrain won only one last round. The Blues are logically favourites for this game and there will be no matches. dominant 1time Minutes, led by Kentin Mahé, the Blues took off and finally won 42-28. Without the use of reserves, the Frenchman held a 1/2 advantage against an affordable but difficult-to-manipulate opponent. The Egyptians had just eased off the Germans, and the Blues were warned. after 1time After half-time, France returned from the dressing room led by Hugo Descat and Dika Mem, with Nikola Karabatic playing a major role. The 27-23 victory opened the door to the final, scheduled for 48 hours later, against Denmark, the world champion and defending Olympic champion. The final will be against 2 teams that have dominated the world of handball for 15 years and 2 stars, Nikola Karabatic and Mikel Hansen, Paris Saint-Germain handball players. classic! This meeting, the French treat it in the best possible way. The Danes were stuck at the entrance, stuttering with the handball, save for the floating Mikel Hansen. With a 4-goal lead at half-time, the French see the Danes at 2th Intermission, did not manage to pick up. Vincent Gérard rejected the Dane’s attempt to equalise and the Blues were very close to the title. The Danes had the last possession to equalise, but the French defence pushed Denmark into error and Ludovic Fabregas took the opportunity to end the game.Guillaume Gille’s players are three-time Olympic championsth Time in their history! Nikola Kabatic, Michaël Guigou and Luc Abalo get 3th Following the individual gold medals in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012, he has made a further step in the history of handball.

The third country in history to achieve double gold for men and women

With the doubles of the French men’s and women’s teams, French handball entered the legend. Only twice before, this doubles came true. In 1976, the Soviet Union saw their men’s and women’s teams win 2 gold medals at the Montreal Olympics in Canada. In 1984, in Los Angeles, Yugoslavia also achieved the feat of winning the men’s and women’s championships. A rare demonstration of how incredible and unique our French team has been!

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