Trade the rumored 3 stars!

Just past the trade deadline, the big transfer rumors for the next offseason have already emerged. So the various GMs of the league will be ready to focus their energies on 3 very specific big names!

While all teams in the league still have twenty regular-season games to play, the roster is a long way from the playoffs finals. In fact, after a volatile trade deadline, the buyout market should produce some notable changes in some teams, including the main contenders for the title.

In the face of a lack of future XXL free agents, the cues they activate tend to be similar. As such, a soon-to-be free agent will be coveted by many contenders. So a priori, not everyone will find their happiness in the days and weeks ahead. As such, they’ll find themselves forced to set their sights on the big names that could come in next summer, and this time they should be spoilt for choice!

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While most teams don’t want to give up their star this year, that’s more likely to happen in the offseason. Likewise, major league players are more likely to ask for trades at this time of year.According to Howard Baker Sports Illustratedthe three of them are also thought to be most likely to do so within a few months!

Teams with stars will do everything to make them happy. Others plan to steal them. Across the league, executives are already preparing for an unhappy star to ask him to leave. Speculation centers on New Orleans’ Zion Williamson, Portland’s Damian Lillard and Utah’s Donovan Mitchell.

This list comes as no surprise, as the three players mentioned have been the subject of recent rumors expressing their dissatisfaction with their respective teams. On the other hand, some of them have destroyed or denied them.This is what Donovan Mitchell did indirectly a few days ago, even Damian Lillard in a big clearing.

About the file Zion Williamson, but his courtiers still hope. The Pelicans’ big man hasn’t spoken in months, and his behind-the-scenes demeanor still suggests he could pack up soon. If he confirms this impression in the offseason, there is no doubt that the game will have a hard time recruiting him!

The offseason may seem far away, but teams are already thinking about how to recruit big names in the first place. So, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell and Zion Williamson will be under a lot of scrutiny by then!

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