Ukrainian volleyball players call for solidarity with city hall

Kseniia Sukhorukova, a volleyball Roma player, started crying when she talked about her Russian friend no longer talking to her. His life, his relationships have been turned upside down in a week. His Ukrainian mother, Russian father, younger brother and grandmother lived near Donetsk, Ukraine’s Russian-speaking region. She saw real heartbreak. ‘We cannot remain insensitive to this’Reacts to the mayor of Rommance-sur-Isère.


According to the High Commissioner for Refugees, nearly 900,000 Ukrainians fled their country within a week. The conflict with Russia has stalled. Talks will be held again on Thursday, March 3, and it is hoped that the fighting will finally stop. The sound of bombs and bullets 2,500 kilometers away worries those who still have relatives there. “My family didn’t want to move. I told them to come to France, but they didn’t want to”testified Kseniia Sukhorukova.

The war was a real heartbreak for her, she was deeply Ukrainian, but she was of Russian descent, spoke Russian and was educated in a Russian school. “It’s two similar cultures and we’re all in this together”, she said, hands clasped, eyes drooping. The silence of her Russian friends was all the more painful because the whole world – Brazil, Poland, Britain and France, of course – was asking her.


At 29, she no longer had much confidence in her career, and she confided in front of the mayor of Rommance-sur-Isère, visibly moved. “She specifically spoke to me about women who gave birth in subway stations to protect themselves from bombs. I promise you that when you are a mother, it will tell you”reacts Marie-Hélène Thoraval who will mobilize with the other elected representatives of the majority by buying equipment for newborns from their personal funds.

The town hall has contacted the International Association for Rescue Action, which collects donations of supplies (warm clothes, blankets…) in its barracks, especially in Romans-sur-Isère, until 15 March, but No food. City Hall, through councillors Annie-Claude Cocoual and Philippine Gault, also focused calls and volunteers to resettle refugees. This data will then be sent to Drôme County.

Finally, in the meantime, the city hall has listed accommodation solutions depending on the situation: the Fenetrier base (which can temporarily accommodate two or three families), the Triboulet boarding school (with a higher capacity), and finally the accommodation Valence Romans Habitat and Drôme Aménagement Habitat.

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