Video games and rugby: why is the association not working?

Video games and rugby, marriage (too) often fails.  But why don't rugby video games have a monopoly on our consoles?
Video games and rugby, marriage (too) often fails. But why don’t rugby video games stay on our platforms? (© Clément Garioud – Rugby News)

For lack of a product, the World Cup 2019 to Japan It will not have a video game mod unlike the version 2015 with the ” Rugby World Cup 2015“.and this despite the announcements made last May that said that BigBen Interactive aiming to produce the game” Rugby 19“.

If the soccer game modifications (FIFAAnd the ESPAnd the football Director), from basketball (NBA 2 kilo) or even American football (NFLbreak all recordsFIFA 19 elapsed in 270 million copies, unheard of in video game history), console fans have neglected rugby for far too long. Adjustment error Often sloppy…

Rugby 08, the tree that hides the forest

How far away does it seem, while EA Sports – A Brand of Electronic Arts Excellent produce Football 08…smooth, and varied in gameplay possibilities, this adaptation continues to soothe fans of rugby and control games in a sweet dream where Yannick Nyanja It seems like One of the best players on the planet (at least in the game).

The dream turned into a nightmare as soon as the years entered 2010As the American production company turned its back on the oval in favor of developing the franchise FIFA.

Since then, rugby has fallen into oblivion, Neglected by the big studios for several years. Even 2011where there is an unknown studio, TruBlu gamesannounces the creation of a game called ” Jonah Lomo Rugby Challenge‘, Rehabilitation of the game 1997 which seduced the fans (which is certainly Rugby 08 of reference in terms of the oval) but also” 2011 Rugby World Cup“.

consequences : catastrophic sales Because of disastrous first opinions, indicating absent playAnd many miscellaneous errors. Example: sure All players are right ! Details of course, but they make a difference when other esports start investing in the video game market on a regular basis.

Moving to BigBen Studio is an unprecedented disaster

In search of a buyer after the failure of the third authorship Jonah Lomo Rugby Challenge (It took three for TruBlu to understand his mistake), Rugby is walking around for it 2 years without any modification. At a time when every sport is on the consoles of the youngest. Konami I thought about the idea first before giving up.

Big Ben interactive He decides to take back control and continue creating sealed games.” world Cup ” With ” Rugby World Cup 2015Then on the form FIFAthe developer threw rugby 15“.

French company known to play Tour de France (Produced by its subsidiary cyanide) and create nunchuck (But if this accessory, you know, to connect it to the gamepad wi…).

Both games were flop, with the second being voted on.” Worst rugby video game by fans just weeks after its release! However, the production studio continues its momentum with Rugby 17and recently Rugby 18also widely criticized because of Play Light years away from what happens in other games. Le Figaro has described the latter in its columns as a game ” Adds to a long list of failed rugby games“.

We won’t talk about it Football DirectorWho in the world Sports on PC What stocking slides are in fashion: deviationexcept for opus… 2005. The game never really developed, and it pales in comparison to the masters in the field, football Director And the forefront Cycling Directormore complete and realistic.

Not all rugby games are listed here. This is to tell you if other video game fans and the oval ball don’t recognize…

An alternative animated series

This year, the authorities preferred browsing the popular enthusiasm Japan Focus on producingJapanese anime series dedicated to rugbywithout much to do with the competition according to the first pictures.

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