Viral footage of Stephen Curry’s Superman warm-up!

Stephen Curry is a particularly good player in the game, but more than that.At the beginning of the warm-up, fans scrambled to see him string up long-range shots, and those who Who Having a chance to see it this Sunday will remember it. Chef has released an immortal warm-up!

Stephen Curry And the Warriors are in a complicated time, and with the playoffs looming, that’s far from ideal… In fact, Steve Kerr’s team has lost 5 of their last 7 games while the Grizzlies have The team is dangerously closing in on the No. 2 spot in the West. If the Gulf franchise has long been a favorite tag for the title, the current form isn’t heading in that direction.

In the game, no Draymond Green Can explain many diseases. But the Warriors’ mentality this Sunday was quite surprising for a team of this caliber. With a 93-74 lead against the Mavericks with just 10 minutes left, Chef and his teammates were completely paralyzed, going about seven minutes without scoring.

Stephen Curry makes 16 insane shots in a row!

Finally, it’s another fiasco for “Dub Nation,” which has to start asking serious questions about the true potential of the workforce. Even more unfortunate, everything was a perfect start for the fans. During the warm-up, Stephen Curry caught fire, providing viewers with a unique spectacle. He is definitely not human.

The game is still a long way off, but the front row is already packed with fans watching Chef Curry warm up. Being a generous man, he therefore tried to perform through 16 spectacular shots in a row. A long-range address, even if his one-shot success ignites the Chase Center, he won’t necessarily find a small 3/10 on the ground.

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in history East Probably the only one who can succeed in such a warm-up. It’s one thing to chain 16 shots, it’s another to chain such a difficult attempt. He is superman.

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