Viral image of Ben Simmons will freak out fans!

Ben Simmons still has a back injury, In its absence it is impossible to know network. While waiting for his return, the Australian point guard is working on his shot, and a recent video of it should terrify Brooklyn fans…

Since joining the 76ers, James Harden A reminder of how powerful he can be by stringing XXL shows together. He quietly averaged 26.8 points, 12 assists and 7.5 rebounds in four games, all four wins. In fact, Philly is now the favorite to exit the Eastern Conference.

But on the other side of the trade, with the Nets, things got a little murkier. In fact, although Kevin Durant has just returned from injury, and Kyrie Irving still needs to abide by local laws, Ben Simmons I haven’t made my debut yet, so my back is sore.

Ben Simmons chained bricks in training!

And as the regular season draws to a close, no one knows when he will be able to return. Bad news. While waiting for the handover, the leader trains himself and works to improve, especially when it comes to shooting, even if the workload is heavy. Also, a video on the subject has just shaken social networks.

After a group workout, which he may not have attended due to back issues, Ben Simmons decided to practice his shooting away from the group. If LaMarcus Aldridge looked comfortable up front, by shooting from his “garden” from mid-range, the Australian point guard delivered two huge pieces just centimeters from the rim The bricks, which does not make one feel reassured about his offense. progress. Netizens have asked the same question:

Is this the guy who should replace James Harden? 😭

Ben Simmons will never be a great shooter, it seems obvious…but missing such an easy shot from inches from the rim is very Makes the rest of the Nets season worrying.

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