Viral photos of Tacko Fall and Shaq make O’Neal look like a minus!

The Taco Falls phenomenon that was cut by the Cavaliers a few weeks ago is still lurking in Cleveland. He was also part of the public appearance at All-Star Weekend and was snapped with Shaquille O’Neal in a photo that has been circulating the internet!

If his performances in recent years live up to his hype, he’s sure to be one of 24 players to join the star party this Sunday night. Unfortunately, however, Tacko Fall never knew and could not afford the expectations surrounding him post-draft. Although nothing was enough to destroy his dream.

After being released by the Celtics late last season, the giant pivot tried to revive with a two-way contract with the Cavaliers. This especially saw him play 11 games in Cleveland, including a fairly successful holder. was subsequently cut off by its leaders, but it continued on to Cleveland, which currently hosts All-Star Weekend.

Tacko Fall attracts internet users next to Shaquille O’Neal

The undisputed starter for the Cleveland Charge’s G-League team, Tacko Fall decided to appear at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse this Saturday. This time, though, instead of a thunderous dunk as a guest, he was content with being a spectator at the game that night.However, he managed to get people talking about him…when shaking hands with a guy Shaquille O’Neal Small next to her!

Tacko Fall really makes Shaq look like a wing

As the tweet accompanying the already popular photo suggests, if Taco plays with him, he’ll make Shaq look like a power forward. This is not surprising since from its height of 2m29 it peaks above the large cactus and its “simple” 2m16. What makes the fans happy, on a very dull night in terms of entertainment, they can at least be excited for the two giants!

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Tacko Fall would make anyone around him look ridiculous, including the burly Shaquille O’Neal. Even Diesel’s size in this famous photo is impressive!

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