Viral teaser image of LeBron and Bronny that detonated the internet

The NBA reunion between the Kings and his eldest son, Bronny, has been the subject of all fantasies over the past few days, along with LeBron James’ incendiary announcements. The images associated with this file have also been making waves in recent hours!

This possibility has been regularly raised over the years, especially through comments on the main aspects.However, a possible reunion between the NBA LeBron James And his son Brownie has never evoked so many reactions. I have to say that in recent days, the king has done his best to put this discussion at the center of the news!

Recently, the Lakers leader did say that he most wanted to play his final year in the league with his boss. A speech that does not necessarily please all observers, but it has the advantage of putting teenagers in the spotlight, and this one is only 17 years old. So some people were surprised to imagine what this family duo would look like!

A wonderful montage of LeBron and Bronny James

First, fans wondered what team dad and son James might reunite on. Logic would decide that Cleveland would welcome them both, Although the result may not be as simple as it seemsStill, a few graphic designers have taken notice, and one has already imagined what the magazine’s legendary cover would look like. Grand Slam and those two men!

Reminiscent of those adopted designs and titles Sports Illustrated It’s still etched in history 20 years ago in a version dedicated to LeBron. The Chosen got the nickname for the first time and have been using it ever since – literally. So if he received the same treatment twenty years later, but this time in the same color as his heir, the story would be beautiful!

LeBron and Bronny about to be featured in one of America’s biggest sports magazines? Fans are already dreaming, certainly the same as the Kings. However, the latter will have to wait longer and cross fingers to make this happen!

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