Volley (F) – Cannes: “Going back to the image of the exploitation of women in the last century”, Ravva against Pesce

Iconic player at RC Cannes (1995-2015) and former general manager of the Riviera club from 2019 to 2020, Victoria Lava emerges from her silence. After the Cannes chairman threatened to cut wages by 15% to 30% if they didn’t meet their targets, the man now in charge of the city’s men’s team AS Cannes VolleyBall International backed the volleyball players’ rant.

Agostino Pace, president of RC Cannes, is he used to the pressure?

His people management was disastrous and he kept putting pressure on it. The president said the threat of lower wages was a means of pressure to achieve the goal. No. We do not threaten female athletes. Is this a good way to get his players to react? I am in my time and I am motivated. They didn’t threaten me. Motivation, sharing, respect, teamwork, yes. But not a threat. I had a conflict with him because I didn’t follow their management techniques, human or otherwise. I didn’t accept it, I said it, and I wrote several emails asking for an explanation. These methods don’t surprise me. He hasn’t changed, he has gone through stages and who knows what the next stage will be.

Volleyball: ‘No more silence’ as it affects women’s pay practices in Cannes

Do you confirm the picture drawn by volleyball players in Cannes after President Pace took office?

Yes, I confirm that girls often complain about salary delays. I myself often get paid after long delays. To make matters worse, I got half my salary in a few months. But I have to admit, alas, I took it. I’m not fighting for myself, I’m fighting for the players. I hope that with everyone’s efforts, the club in my heart can continue to play a role.

Are there financial problems with RC Cannes?

We were told that municipal grants were late, or that payments from partners did not arrive. I’m not in the club’s account, but everything points to a problem.

Have you been offered to pay yourself differently?

It was never offered to me, but several players talked about it. Some volleyball players have filed lawsuits against clubs, and some volleyball players have been able to recover their money through their lawyers. Arrangements with other players. But I have no evidence that these arrangements are legal.

Why did you leave your heart club?

I am against the president’s approach. Gradually, before and after the first delivery, I was excluded from decisions about the club for a few months. There is no doubt that management has had the idea to let me go. But in the end, Covid was the official reason for my dismissal after 25 years at this club. My experience was very bad. I am on the verge of depression. It was one of the worst times of my life.

Are you going to avenge this dismissal today?

not at all. If I wanted revenge, I would have done it two years ago. I was not gentle when I left, and I wanted others to speak up, as the president would no doubt say that I attacked myself personally or took revenge. RC Cannes is my club and I have the same reaction as another president who has acted like this. As an actress who fired me in this direction, it made me have to speak out, and I couldn’t let girls speak out anonymously without being able to publicly support them. With this, I defend all female athletes who have suffered in this way.

Have the Cannes players talked to you about their difficulties with regular payments?

We are normal people. Some have children, some buy condos and pay loans. This is unacceptable as these delays jeopardize the financial and social lives of players. We are not talking nonsense. This way of doing things never happened during Ms Courtard’s presidency. I don’t want to believe that management would act like this because we are women. There’s no good reason to pay their players late, they’re more committed to credit, have to manage the family, the kids. This is not acceptable.

Is it too late to tell the truth?

This club is my family. Since I stopped working at RC Cannes, I told myself that it is not that I will attract a bad image of the club, but that the president of Pace has brought a bad image to RCC in French volleyball. Racing has been and will always be a great club thanks to its history, thanks to its volunteers and professional and amateur players. It’s tainted by these controversies, these practices, and this bad energy that the current management is bringing back. We can’t let it go and let the club be destroyed by this poison. If it wasn’t me speaking today, it’s because there are people who don’t dare, don’t want or are afraid to give the car a bad image. No, we have to clean up all that and make the Cannes image more beautiful. It’s the only thing I can do for the club I have in mind. I don’t want this process to repeat itself, my club uses it to win, grow and continue to exist. This stain needs to be removed. This is unbearable and unacceptable. I’ve defended the women’s volleyball team all my life, but through these exercises, I have a feeling of going back to the last century when women were exploited. Today, when speech is free, I cannot remain deaf, anonymous, politically correct and unresponsive to fed up volleyball players. I can not.

What would you say to a volleyball player who is afraid to speak?

France is a great country that adopted me. We have the right to express ourselves and fight for our rights. Do not accept any moral or financial pressure. We are top athletes, but we work like everyone else. We are fortunate to live in our passions, but we cannot be silent because of fear. We cannot accept the unacceptable. Sport is based on the opposite values ​​to the question here. We have to stop these processes, these pressures.

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