Volleyball: 6 reasons why AS Hainneville girls are successful

The women of AS Hainneville after their victory over Alençon (3-0) on February 27.
The women of AS Hainneville after their victory over Alençon (3-0) on February 27. (©LPDM)

after one Downgrade to R1 Two seasons ruined by the new crown epidemic, volleyball regains glory on this side of the teamas Heinevillethe women won their votes this weekend hen tall In the viewfinder, Prénationale was added. Here are 6 reasons for this success.

a good group

a week after their convincing success at home Alençon (3-0), the Hannevillises played two games in two days last weekend carpet (lost 3-1) and the next day La Feltmes (3-0 win). This sequence, unprecedented in the club’s history, has to do with the demands of the Ornais team to advance the date, allowing Julien Deschamps to give all his teams playing time, thereby checking that all his players, even the usual substitutes, can raise their level.

“A lot of the girls stopped during the Covid-19 pandemic, so we had to recruit, convince former players to come back and start over at a new base. In the end, I’ve really had a great team this season and the girls have shown great performance. Great motivation and great mentality. »

Julian DeschampsASH Coach


At the end of the first phase of R1, “Bleues” are guaranteed to be in two firsts From April 2nd they will face the synonymous with the senior hens from the Haute-Normandie team.

“The goal at the start of the season was to qualify for the Pre-Nationals. It’s really up our alley. The opposite will be seen as a failure”, warns Julien Deschamps of his daughters’ ability to find the club in 2018 “Full of confidence” at a level that is still developing in 2018.

an atmosphere

In victory and defeat, the smile never leaves the faces of ASH players, accomplices, and intimacy. “I am very happy to be coaching this team. They are always numerous and enthusiastic in training,” stressed the coach, who does not regret leaving the men to switch to women two years ago.

“There is no training tomorrow (today), but the girls are eating together. It’s a good sign, it’s a testament to the good vibe. »

Julian Deschamps


in the imageAmelie Lefebvre or Valentine Theron, the ASH bottle class has brought satisfaction this season and is gradually gaining minutes in the first team. “We have become a real training club,” insists Julien Deschamps.

16-year-old Amélie Lefebvre represents the future of ASH.
16-year-old Amélie Lefebvre represents the future of ASH. (©LPDM)


If you don’t know what to do on certain Sunday afternoons, we highly recommend visiting Jean Jaurès Encourage Hainnevilleises. In addition to the engaging level of competition, and the intense communication – “even in R1, it’s a super spectacular sport” – you’ll be amazed at the atmosphere in the public.

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“Girls bring their friends, their families…it’s amazing!” »

Julian Deschamps

Olympic effect

The gold medal won by the French men’s team at the Tokyo Olympics has brought volleyball into the spotlight as never before.

“At the association forum, more than half of the people who came to see us were very excited when they saw the final,” said Julien Deschamps. The club took the opportunity to expand its workforce and now has no fewer than 130 licensees. In short, this season has fun at ASH!

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