Volleyball: a role model for CVB!

In this extreme race between second place and the “Red Lantern” on the standings, Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne executes logic (3-0), rigorous and serious, against the Azureans who sell their skins at a premium, worthy of an epic The usual third set.

After chaos in the duel final against Nantes on 22 February, Bruno Solfek, chairman of Chaumont VB 52 Haute-Marne, wants his team to play an exemplary game. He again triumphed in front of Palestra and Cannes on Saturday 26 February, both in attitude and athleticism, and won in three sets.

From the first exchange, the tone of the night was set. There was no undue joy in scoring, barely a comment or two about the referee’s decision, the game resumed quickly, the video images were uncontroversial… In short, the CVB 52 put on a sleek outfit, polished considering the course of the game, It also fits him like a glove.

Instead, the Cannesians had other concerns besides trying to exacerbate a game for no reason given their position in the standings, also out of respect for their Ukrainian captain Oleksiy Klyamar. It has volleyball stuff on its head.even though “B-Class Cannes! », initiated by Xiaomeng youth seems out of place. Competing with their rivals has had an impact on the Riviera since the last tournament final, but today is the time to erase it.

So, after an easy first set win (25-15) and a barely-difficult second set (25-21), CVB 52 calmly advanced as the host of the game in the session. On the other side of the net, the visitors were unable to stabilize their volleys, kept losing their balance, and nearly every touch was an attempt to get their game back on track.

extravagant score

It has to be said that the Chaumonte people are very wary of this Cannes team that he does not know. And for good reason: Jérémie Mouiel, David Sossenheimer and Danijel Koncilja were the only ones present in the first leg of the starting Seven. Nikolay Penchev, Ronald Jimenez and Filip Cveticanin are yet to play, while Oleksiy Klyamar has only made one appearance and setter Danilo Gelinski is injured.

Had the last man at the helm of the ship not been at the helm for long this Saturday, also replaced by newcomer Ukrainian Serb Aleksa Batak, he would quickly bring stability and experience to his team heading into the second set. It was also from this moment that Chaumontais began to show some signs of weakening. There’s a more “fuzzy” twist in the third act that expands the scope of the game a bit.

This time, Cannes and Chaumontes looked at each other. Ronald Jimenez has returned to his effectiveness, but remains somewhat isolated as the Azureans’ offensive solution. Instead, his opponent, Jesus Herrera, hit him one after the other, but also benefited from the efficiency of Adrian Aciobanitei and the two centres Fabian Plak and Roamy Alonso, all of which matched Raphaël Corre’s The music is perfectly combined.

Result: The visitors picked up seven points and the locals picked up 11, however, they had the final say in the third set at 47 minutes and went on to score well (42-40). CVB 52 took their third victory in a week (Poitiers, Nantes and Cannes), their sixth in a row since their 3-1 defeat at Tours on January 15: The series The race naturally put them second in the standings.

Laurent Jenin


The truth of the game

record this season
One thing is for sure: Chaumont and Cannes hold the record for the longest controversy in Ligue 1 this season. In February, representing day 20, in the first round of the showdown, it has risen to “38-36”. …Cannes, on the Cote d’Azur.
Prior to this, representing Day 18, CVB 52 had already offered an extended set to its Palestra audience.
It was against Nice, as the third act ended “37-35” which changed the game of the conference. In fact, with two sets down, Rafael Corey and his teammates turned the tables and won the tiebreaker.

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