Volleyball: A Three-Chapter Lesson from Arago of Sete

The Oak Derby was largely dominated by Sétois (3-0) on Friday 18 February.

Shocking is the top flight of Ligue 1. Set and Narbonne are tied for third, but it was Errott who showed he was the boss on Friday. Centurion broke out quickly in the reception (12-9) as Karlitzek and Kreek’s services completely destabilized. At this stage of the game, they have conceded four aces…

Moritz Karlitzek is back.

Moritz Karlitzek is back.
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Roller from the start

For those worried about Karlitzek’s state, rest assured after his Covid event…totally untenable, the Germans widened the offensive gap (19-12) and Gaona added an ace (22- 13) and Sclater is responsible for stopping Zanotti at the set point (25-14). If they want to make their intentions clear in this derby and get into the minds of their opponents, the Setters couldn’t be better.

unbalanced mental struggle

So the Ord reception was under construction, but after her, it was the turn of passerby Uriat with a fever (12-9). Opposite, the Setter block feasts with Crick (21-15), Scraet (22-15) and Crick (24-18). One-sided, the round ended with a new ace from the brilliant Karlitzek (25-18).

Small text notes between players in the second set.

Small text notes between players in the second set.
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We could have believed that Audois would return for the next game (6-6), but mentally, the two teams are not playing on the same conditions. So, after several ‘explanations’ between the players through the net, the intervention of the second referee was still required, and Narbonne scored with two errors (9-6) from Araujo and Verissimo.

Sétois still ahead

The same Verissimo still tries to get his people back in the direction of travel (12-12), but facing Sète furia he is very alone. Therefore, Gona and Crick are responsible for repelling each other’s attacks in an authoritative manner (16-14, 18-15). Karlitzek, who was doing Karlitzek, added an ace to his late game (22-17), which ended with Zanotti’s turnover (25-23).

Vérissimo tried to return, but in vain.

Vérissimo tried to return, but in vain.
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We have high hopes for this Oak Derby, with only one team in charge of the show.

data sheet

► Arago of Set …………….. 3
► Narbonne ………………….. 0

Balloo Hall
About 900 spectators
Package Details: 25-14″ 24′, 25-18″ 25′, 25-23″ 31′.

referee: mm. Rejaeyan and Hounnoukpe.

Seth: 9 aces (Karlitzek 5), 30 winning attacks (Sclater 11), 7 counterattacks (Kreek 3), 16 unforced errors (including 9 conceded).
Six starts: Gauna (4 points), Sclater (15 points), Chirivino (then Diop), Kreek (9 points), Karlitzek (13 points), Picard (5 points). Freeman: Dwyze.

Narbonne: 2 aces (Buglas and Willisimo), 32 winning attacks (10 Araujo), 6 counterattacks (4 Ramos), 28 unforced errors (including 15 conceded) .
Six starts: Araujo (10 points), Ramos (8 points), Uriat (1 point), Bugla (3 points, Zanotti 5 points), Zerba (1 point, Joffroy 1 point) points), Barcelona (9 points, Willisimo 5 points).Free Men: Douai and Durand

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