Volleyball: About Duflos, Sète President Alain Bilicki affirms, “We don’t have to give reasons”

Arago, through a statement, wanted to speak out on the non-renewal of Patrick Duflois’ contract. Result: we don’t know more.

The statement signed by Alan Bilic this week was of course meant to clarify the situation around Patrick Duflois. At least that’s what people hoped for. The coach expressed his incomprehension in our column, and today is the chairman’s statement.

“In order to maintain the tranquility of our team’s trip to Turquin, we decided last week not to communicate.” Of course, if we don’t take into account the press release posted on Arago’s Facebook page the day before the game.

hold no grudges

“Arago did not ‘decide to separate’ but did not wish to renew his contract with Patrick Duflois, which will end in June 2022.” Arago therefore “decided to separate from his coach”, but in June this will not escape anyone.

Regarding a possible feud with Patrick Duflos, Alan Bilic noted: “It would be wrong to evoke 2015-2016. At the time, I was just a big Arago supporter.” […]. Since I became president in September 2020, the steering committee has been updated by 60%. “100-60 = 40.

“As of December 2020, new member of the Steering Committee, Alain Le Gall, has been appointed as Vice President, so that there are two people next to us and Patrick who, in our opinion, provide him with the best possible working conditions. 2020-2021 season , we finished the championship in ninth place and the team was in the worst shape to start the return game. It was with our intervention that the team started again at a new base.” When asked about this intervention of the nature, the president mentioned “an internal issue in the locker room, related to Camille Baranek. The committee and Patrick Duflos resolved the issue.” More precisely, the players came back a day late from vacation, The coach asked his leadership to step in.

long term and display

“This year 2021-2022, thanks to the financial support of our institutional partners, through our partner clubs, the development of our private financial resources and strong decision-making, we have been able to build a competitive team. Currently the ball The situation of the team alone cannot guide necessary decisions going forward. We understand the surprise and reaction of some supporters, but we did not decide to change the coach next year without analysis or foresight. We must understand the club above all else. This advantage Built on long-term project consistency and values ​​shared by all. Our legitimacy and responsibility is to surround ourselves with the people best suited to participate in the realization of this project.” So Patrick Duflos would not be the right fit in the long run candidate.

no good time

“Today we want to broaden our horizons and think about tomorrow. Together with the new coach and his staff, we want to build the next team, recruit young people in the academy, and further improve the training conditions and life of professional players.”

Before that, we saw the connection with the coach. The following is much more difficult. “But also to build the necessary and sufficient economic and structural conditions around the team to compete in the European Championships every year. We also have to work with town halls, city clusters and the wider institutional component as a whole.” The minimum required for LNV and CEV The capacity of the hall project. The last goes on to develop the appeal of the club and, more specifically, the concept of the spectacle of the game. “Really, in terms of entertainment, it’s good to try hard because we were a little bored in Baru this year…

Reached by phone, Alain Bilicki prefers to stick to the press release. “I know it’s not a good time for this kind of announcement. But in order to preserve the image of the team and the club, we don’t have to give reasons. It’s internal and specific to the steering committee.”

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