Volleyball: After almost two years, Didier Huc finds service at PAVVB

The former sporting director of Béziers Angels starts a new project.

“It was a deliberate decision. When we invest so strongly in ourselves over the years, it’s because we enjoy joy. From that moment on, for some reason, that joy becomes less present and we can’t Avoid asking yourself some questions.

In the heart of summer 2020, Didier Huc confides free lunch The reason he left. The long and beautiful story between him and Béziers Volley comes to an end. The ex-sporting director has returned to the Bézier angel’s lair several times in recent months, and the epilogue has not deterred him. Always in the same place, leaning against the wall and staring at the parquet floor, brought him countless emotions for thirteen years.

an interesting challenge

Perhaps it was this nostalgia for past moments that brought him back into the abyss. Because in recent days, Didier Huc has launched a brand new project, still on the Mediterranean coast, but this time east of the Rhone.

After many discussions with Alexandre Hubner, co-president of the Pays d’Aix Venelles Volley Ball, the professional architect officially became an advisor to the President of the Provence Club. A different role than the one he held at Béziers, he will strive to use all his skills and experience, especially in recruitment.

“I missed volleyball. This adventure will allow me to stay in the community and continue to maintain the network and all the connections I’ve managed to make. When I started chatting with Alexandre Hubner, I immediately felt that we had similar visions and ideas. “

“PAVVB is a club that is going in the right direction and is building itself intelligently. There is a very interesting project and I am excited to help with this mission and challenge”, Didier Hook was ecstatic, convinced that such a project would only be good for French volleyball and its development.

“I have always believed that it is important for the club to take on this developmental desire and ambition. It is with this mentality, and by giving ourselves the means to grow, that we as a French club can embark on a new path.”

A future reunion?

Undoubtedly one of the motivations for Didier Huc, for his “Bezier will always be Bezier”, Start this new adventure. It is the first, far from Orb’s bank. Fate could also soon send him back to his first love, if only a few points to secure promotion, Pays d’Aix Venelles and Béziers Angels find themselves on the same path in the play-offs. Meetings and emotions that the former sporting director from Biterrois won’t soon forget.

Huge impact on Nantes

A 3-0 victory against Cannes last weekend saw them thoroughly reinvigorated, and they had a fantastic performance in Cannes and the Angels of Beziers will try to follow up on Tuesday 8 March (8pm), New shock on the mountain. Traveling to Nantes in third place in Ligue 1, Bittroise will have a chance to shine at the top of the table with a positive result.

A win (fifth in a row against Cyril Ong’s players) almost guarantees them playoff qualification. And that, before facing Cannett this weekend, then Tver-Florange and San Rafael, the last two meetings of the regular season.

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