Volleyball: Amiens beats Cesson at home

Last Saturday, February 19, the AMVB Elite hosted the Bretons from the Cesson St-Brieuc club in their final game of the regular season. A tense game ended with Amiens winning 3-2.

As coach Ali Noir has been repeating for weeks, all competitions are important for AMVB from now on, who will play knockout rounds from March to maintain their place in the elite division. So Picard’s win over the Bretons this weekend is hugely important as their opponents will also try to maintain their place in the elite tournament next season.

Controlled start of the game

The La Paix stadium began shaking at 4:00 p.m. Saturday after the referee blew the start of the game. From outside, you can hear the young eagles of the Amiens Metropolitan volleyball singing loudly of their encouragement for the club. The game got off to a good start as a result, with the Hawks on the floor and a 25-13 backhand sweep of Cesson St-Brieuc showing efficiency on serve, block and offense. The second round would be more up in the air, the Bretons ended up making fewer mistakes in the game and Amiens didn’t manage to impose the same rhythm as the first set. Ali Noir’s men would still win the second set 25-22.

The people of Amiens return to their own way​​

Set 3 will mark a return to the usual fear of AMVB, which has struggled to maintain its level of play and collective agreement from start to finish since the start of the season. Cesson’s crew then offered a higher level of play, but was still unstoppable: “I wouldn’t bother if we had more difficulties at the end of this game, but only if Cesson started playing like a god. It wasn’t, still we slowed us down to give them a chance Take over and win the game. Explain Amiens Coach. Sesson thus won the third set 20-25. Immediately following the fourth set, the Eagles looked 24-23 on the verge of winning after a match point and would come back to score and win the game before the referee ruled in Brittany’s favor. Set 26 to 24.

“Cesson played better but we had problems and I also want to highlight the referee’s great performance, they took the game down a bit, saw a lot on both sides, a little more at home than at home in ceding Aspects; it was like the game penalty was on the ground and we were created with a net turnover, so then we actually had to run after the score and we weren’t decisive in the 4th set” Ali Nouaour said he was still dismayed by these unfortunate events.

A controlled tie-break for a well-deserved victory

The tiebreaker promises to be exciting! Which of Amiens or Cesson will always be more aggressive while staying awake? “I was worried my team would be chased in the game but we were clean, we held the lead throughout the tiebreak and we were able to show focus to win the game” End the coach of the Eagles.

a captain forever

“I want to highlight the great performance of our captain, Mehdi Hahmi, who still posted a great game in his prime at 38 years old, he did everything he could to cheer the team up. Impressive. Terry Tristan Sapet also had a very good performance, our liberator, was voted the best player and knew how to fight on all the balls, we have to keep going like this and never let it go. »

So, AMVB came out of the regular stage with a 3/2 victory before attacking the relegation round with 14 points.

Florence Gerber

Photo credit: Reno Vallilon

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