Volleyball: AMVB excels against leaders

Last Saturday, the elite of Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball headed to leader ASUL Lyon for day 13 of the Elite Championship. The Eagles gave Lyon a lot of trouble and provided a huge game before they eventually lost 3-2.

This LYON-AMIENS match is also an important match for the AMVB, destined to be relegated and maintained in the elite after a crushing defeat to Conflans a week ago. Even if it doesn’t matter to reclaim the points against Lyon, what matters is to regain confidence, maintain morale and keep up with a good performance against Cesson, who will also play next Saturday.

Last Saturday at 8pm, the first referee kicked off the Lyon-Amiens game. Amiens then got off to a good start and remained firmly on the scoresheet until a back-to-back serve from Bijelovic Jovo on the 16th broke Amiens’ catch to give Lyon a 25-13. “We left early in the morning, maybe it’s time for us to get up” Coach Ali Nouaour explained.

For the second set, the Amiens coach decided to bring in his young rookie Simon Badour on Cameroon international Didier Sally Shearer to improve the blocking and attacking heights. “We held on to them 12-25 in the second set, we were better in all game compartments and especially had better options in passing, mainly through the middle, thanks to The firepower of Stridji Tel and Isbel Mesa Sandoval, they put all the points on the offense.” Appointed coach of the Eagles.

The 3rd set went well for the Eagles, who held the lead in the game, but they would fall back into the trap and get more frenzied on the catch, Amiens put the ASUL players back in front and made it 26-24.

The Eagles now have to win the fourth set and take the tiebreaker. The latter situation was very similar to the 3rd quarter, showing Amiens in good shape and still leading at 19-22. A still-complex finish will stand with Captain Sahara and his men once again losing control of the situation, giving Lyon the lead and 2 match points. “That’s when we show character,” explains Ali Nouaour. Mehdi managed to calm the team down and put them back on the path of vigilance. He then unleashed 2 huge float serves which allowed us to get back in front and into the fourth set. ”

The tiebreaker began with a tiebreaker and we felt Amiens put a lot of effort into the game and quickly let Lyon slip away, winning 15-7 at home. The lack of calm money time is a delicate point where Amiens coaches have to focus. But the AMVB won’t be pale against the leader this weekend, which bodes well for hosting Cesson St-Brieuc at the La Paix Coliseum this Saturday.

“The knockout stage is simple, we will play against the last 5 teams of another elite group and we only count the points for the games we have won in the regular season since September. So we start with a certain number of points and have Finishing in the top 5 or 6 at the end of these relegations is necessary to maintain elite status. That’s why scoring against Saint-Brieuc this Saturday is important. We will no longer have to deal with the first half of the season Meet the teams that meet and we will meet the other teams in a two-way race. You have to be very careful because the last 4 go into National 2 and CNVB (French Pole) are nominal residents of the elite even if they finish last They can’t be eliminated either, as they make up the French junior team, so they already have a ticket in the pits.

So let’s hope the Eagles are there and provide the level of play against Lyon last weekend (Lyon 3-2 Amiens: 25:13, 12:25, 26:24, 24:26, 15:7).

Florence Gerber

Photo credit: Reno Vallilon

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