Volleyball: AMVB Receives Sesson Before Offensive Relegation!

Volleyball amvb vs conflans French champion elite (reynald valleron) (44)
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The AMVB elite will host Brittany club Cesson St-Brieuc in the final game of the first stage of the season on Saturday 19th February at 4pm at the La Paix Arena.

It’s all about points for AMVB, which will complete the second part of the season to maintain its place in the elite division. His weekend rivals Saint-Brieuc will also be part of the knockout stage, so the people of Amiens must recover points against this Brittany side. “Best case is a 3-point win with 15 points in the knockout round”Coach explains Ali Noir.

The Eagles struggled against Brittany in the first leg, failing to win the second and third sets despite their five-point lead. “It’s a game stuck in throat I hope the players will remember this to play well and reclaim the winning 3 points. “Designated Amiens Coach.

close to depreciation

As we all know, Amiens has proposed a season since the beginning of the operation jagged Even if they were able to get more wins in the return game than in the first game. If the club wants to continue its development in next season’s elite tournament, it is absolutely necessary for the AMVB not to miss out on the knockout rounds. “I will wait until our game against Saint-Brieuc to do the calculations, but in the relegation it will be 30 points and I think if we can play what we are in the second stage, we can easily hope to keep. But now we’re going to win games one by one, it’s inevitable that there will be a little disappointed, from the group, because I think they must be disappointed not to play in the standings, but also the management committee and the elite staff. But as it is, volleyball is a story about the game, the field, the preparation and being on D-Day. After Saint-Brieuc, we will have a short break of 15 days to prepare for relegation. »

first teamAMVB It is the showcase of the club, the players from Amiens represent the image of the club and we hope they will respond to Saturday’s gift, defend their colour and shake Peace Stadium And the gym for the rest of the season.

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Image Credit: Reynald Valleyron

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