Volleyball: AMVB’s first game disappoints

On Saturday, March 5th, the Amiens Métropole volleyball elite traveled to Bellain for their first desalination match. Despite being well-prepared, AMVB lost 3-0.

With this new disillusionment with Beilein on Saturday, March 5, the AMVB appears to be in for yet another failure. “It was a big disappointment” Coach explains Ali Noir. “We play without pride, without pride, and even know how to go to the trouble of believing a little. »

However, Amiens employees knew the game would be complicated. In the current situation, with no contention and 5 of the 10 teams in the standings relegated, all games will be important and crucial for the people of Amiens. The coach said he was happy to start the second half of the season with a northern derby, hoping it would inspire his players, but in vain.

“We went backwards again. However, we did a lot of preparation for the training, we did a good video analysis in the cohesion breakfast with the whole team, but here we are » Ali Nouaour explained.

In fact, as we can see in the Facebook Live provided by the North Club, the team from Amiens is well below its usual level of play, with the players showing a frenzy, especially in blocking and defending, allowing Beth Ryan bagged first set two games without much fear (25-20, 25-17). The third set begins and we can see the captain from Amiens Mehdi Hahmi Attempts to start an uprising were unsuccessful. AMVB will try to pull the score back a set, even trailing by a point or two, eventually letting the game slip away in the third set (25-22).

“For the first time, I’m starting to worry about our maintenance in the elite”

“We have seen teams like Épinal come out in front of us with three points and we will have to play against teams like CNVB (Pôle France de Montpellier) who have a first team in Ligue B , and have done its championship.. So their elite team will be reinforced by aspiring pros from the B league, which will be very difficult. Ali Nouaour said.

“For the first time in 6 years in elite tournaments, I started to worry about our AMVB team and its future in this division. The players have to face each other and ask themselves if they want to play because I feel like some have given up. Today I Tell yourself that AMVB is a training team, but nothing like it.” Coach Amiens concluded.

We will note all the same two positive points of this match with Beilein, namely Simon Badour (receiving attacker) and Victor Gomez (No. 3 in the middle), especially the latter has not played much this season, but he can play a good performance and provide good support for Amiens’ blocking. ” we still have Damian Barry Who returns to training after an ankle injury, we’ll see, but I’ll play the most eager and furious ! »

The next meeting of the AMVB Eagles will be Saturday, March 12 at 7:00pm at the Coliseum for a new derby match against Beauvais.

Florence Gerber

Image Credit: Reynald Valleyron

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