Volleyball and hockey: Patriots return to action

In men’s hockey, Marc-Étienne Hubert’s men host the McGill Red Birds at Colisée Jean-Guy Talbot last night. To that end, the Patriots introduced a third uniform that combines past and present.

The Pats, looking to continue their momentum in front of a crowd of more than 416, scored three of their possible four points in two encounters with the Gee-Gees. This time, the team from Trois-Rivières played against the McGill Redbirds. If the meeting got off to a good start for our favorites, a tough finish to the game cost the locals a precious point in the standings.

The Patriots got off to a great start, scoring 3 goals in the first 12 minutes, and Milot Huele quickly opened the scoring for the locals with a perfectly positioned shot from the upper corner. Notably, this was Trifluvien’s third goal in as many games. Then, in just 36 seconds, the Patriots scored twice. Félix Boivin took advantage of a throwback and Maxime Chagnon fooled Alexis Shank’s guard with a precise shot on the break.

The Red Birds coach conceded three of his first eight shots and had no choice but to change the keeper, sending Emanuel Vella into the fray. The visiting team scored two minutes later and the goalkeeper change seemed to have had the desired effect. Brandon Frattaroli and Éric Uba orchestrated a brilliant passing game that allowed Yamamoto Keanu to make it 3-1. McGill University representatives have yet to say the last word: Olivier Mathieu managed to beat Alexis Gravel during the numerical advantage, narrowing the lead to just one goal.

After a very busy first quarter, the defense was tighter in the 20th quarter as neither team scored. Alexis Gravell is known for making very important saves, including two big saves on breakaway players. Trifluvien had full control of his resources, thus allowing the Patriots to hold a one-goal lead at the start of the third quarter.

The defensive confrontation continued until Jordan Martell, who was posted in the enclave, accepted a pass from Felix Lawson before sending a savage shot into the top of the net so Emmanuel Villa had no chance. Make a “stop.” The goal was scored with less than seven minutes left to give the Patriots a 4-2 lead.

While the locals appear to be sailing calmly toward victory, the Redbirds have other plans. With six-on-five, William Poirier managed to divert a shot from the blue line to deceive Alexis Graville’s vigilance and cut the gap to just one goal. While Marc-Étienne Hubert’s men defended well, confusion at the net allowed Keanu Yamamoto to tie the game with a second remaining, sending both teams into overtime.

Although the Patriots dominated overtime, Emanuel Villa simply couldn’t get past his net. The Red Birds goalie made three big saves to prevent the hosts from winning the game. Therefore, it is necessary to decide the winner of this meeting through a penalty shootout. Again, Keanu Yamamoto was the only striker to find the back of the net, allowing the visitors to complete their comeback.

Despite the loss, the Patriots retained the top spot in the Far East Division with 14 points (6-2-2). Our Trifluviens’ next match will be against the Concordia Stingers (6-4-0) at the Colisée in Trois-Rivières on Friday at 7pm. Then on Sunday, starting at 4 p.m., the teams will meet for the third time in less than two weeks. (Source: https://neo.uqtr.ca/ – Cedrick Gervais)

exist women’s volleyball, Marie-Christine Mondor’s team (1-10) takes on Sherbrooke’s Vert et Or (8-3) this Friday at CAPS Léopold-Gagnon at UQTR at 6pm. This will be the first home game since the rematch.

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